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2017 06-12
Factory Interpretation: The Reasons of Hotel RCU System with Disparate Price With the development of the times, the hotel's investment in intelligent equipment is enhanced, and now the brand of hotel RCU system is also continue to emerge. The manufacturers, which have done hotel security and communication system, and some switch panel manufacturers are in R & D hotel RCU system. It makes the product becomes complex.
2017 06-10
Three Advantages of Bonwin’s Two Systems Integration (RCU System & Network Lock System) On the basis of traditional RCU system, Bonwin RCU system integrates the network door lock, network card to take electricity, network safes and electronic cat's eye and other products.
2017 06-08
Comparison of Electronic Intelligent Door Locks with Different Materials In daily life, we need to use locks to ensure home safety. With the rapid development of science and technology, the traditional lock has been gradually replaced by a electronic intelligent door lock.
2017 06-06
Hotel Intelligent Control System: Open a New Hotel Chapter With the growth of OTA line forces, the guest has changed the way of select hotel, most people choose the online booking hotel in advance, personalized experience leads to the diversion of tourist population.
2017 06-03
Traditional Hotel new Breakthrough-Hotel Intelligent Control System A very successful hotel owner, told him and the state of Viagra Technology Hotel intelligent system marriage story..
2017 06-01
What should be Pay Attention to about the Introduction of Hotel Intelligent System? Hotel industry, we have explored the topic of intelligent hotel, then what is the hotel's intelligent? More direct statement: guests can feel the intelligent system, such as...
2017 05-30
the Importance of Hotel Management Software The reason why software is so widely used in modern society is because it is through some programming, through the computer can make...
2017 05-28
How do Emerging Apartment Hotels Attract Customers? With the development of society, people's living standards improve. The people continue to buy a house for a room, gradually more than one hand, the..
2017 05-26
Customized Hotel Room Control System for you A few years ago, Feng Xiaogang's film "private custom" although poor reputation, in 2014 was the judges"Golden broom prize-the most disappointing film",
2017 05-24
What's the Hotel Smart Door Lock? Intelligent door locks mainly refers to the sensor door lock, also known as RF card lock, RF card door lock, is a new sensor through the microwave sensor.
2017 05-22
How does Hotel Choose Customer Control System Product? As we all know, hotel control system for high-end hotels is no longer a luxury, but the necessities of life. Hotel in the choice of passenger control system...
2017 05-20
Why Does the Hotel Install Hotel Control System? Hotel introduction of hotel control system can effectively make up for the lack of existing equipment to enhance the hotel's own service features. What are the benefits of ..
2017 05-18
A Complete RCU Hotel Room Intelligent Control System Consists of Three Parts In fact, the front for the RCU hotel room intelligent control system has some simple analysis but did not system to find out about today to systematically understand..
2017 05-16
The Future of the Hotel Room Intelligent Control System Although the hotel room intelligent control system has been developed to a relatively mature stage, but no matter what is a climax will have a prospect..
2017 05-14
Hotel Room Intelligent Control System-Unmanned Mode of Operation Since the hotel room intelligent control system is a smart system, then it must definitely more than one mode of operation, and each model also has..
2017 05-12
Hotel WeChat Open the door to Unlock things Networking Technology in the Hotel's Application The media once described the wisdom of the hotel You quietly go, as you quietly come, waved a wave, do not even see the front. For the hotel industry, mobile...
2017 05-10
What is the Wisdom of the Campus System?How does the Internet of Things Play in the Wisdom of the Campus? Preface: Introduction to Digital Campus Introduction of Wisdom Campus and Suggestions for Construction 1, the concept of wisdom campus;
2017 05-09
The five Stages of Wisdom Hotel Intelligent Transformation The competition of the wisdom hotel is mainly carried out in the aspects of convenience, scene, intelligence, personalization and informatization. The hotel is only the entrance of the...
2017 05-08
Hotel Room Intelligent Decoration Notes When we travel or travel time, what kind of decoration of the hotel can make us live comfortable, have a good mood?
2017 05-07
How Much do you know about Smart Building Wireless Technology? Intelligent building from cable to wireless development is a huge leap. Wireless communication technology used in intelligent building, not only changed the intelligent...
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