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2018 01-15
Having A Safe Hotel Smart Door Lock System Is Very Important In addition to focusing on comfort when choosing a hotel, the safety is also very important, so it is important to have a safe hotel smart door lock system. In recent years, the rapid development of rfid card technology, smart phone technology and biometric identification technology, hotel locks have been developed rapidly, and smart door locks are more focused on protecting the personal and property safety of guests, so it must have extremely high reliability.
2018 01-12
The Hardware Features Of The Hotel Smart Door Lock Because of its high performance and easy operation, smart door locks are popular in the high-end hotel industry. High-performance hotel smart electronic locks rely on good hardware.
2018 01-09
Bonwin Hotel Wireless Electronic Door Lock's Initialization Bonwin hotel wireless electronic door lock needs to be initialized when first installation or changing main board. The detailed procedure is as follows:
2018 01-05
Hotel Smart Door Lock Manufacturer’s Characteristics There are a wide variety of hotel smart locks, the most widely used of which are inductive card door lock and smart phone lock. Compared with the traditional lock, the smart door lock has more stable performance and simple use, so it is favored by more and more hotels. Then what are the characteristics of the hotel intelligent door lock manufacturer?
2017 12-28
Tips Of Selecting A Suitable Hotel Smart Door Lock Hotel smart door lock has become the development trend of the hotel industry, more and more hotels begin to adopt this intelligent lock system to manage their hotel. It can not only effectively enhance the hotel's external image, but also improve the guests' interest of the hotel. A good hotel intelligent door lock can give both hotel and guest an extraordinary experience. So how do you choose a suitable hotel intelligent lock?
2017 12-25
Bonwin Hotel Smart Wireless Door Lock’s Card Type & Function Bonwin hotel smart wireless lock system provide more than 23 cards that have different functions and permissions of the card, and you can select cards according to your hotel request. The following is the introduction of the card.
2017 12-20
Hotel Smart Electronic Door Lock: Your Intimate Travel Partner Compared with the traditional door lock, the hotel smart electronic door lock, using Bluetooth, SUB-GHZ and other technologies, can open the door directly through the smart phone and the supporting application.
2017 12-18
Why Should The Apartment Use Wireless Smart Electronic Door Lock? With the change of lifestyle, living in apartment hotel has gradually been accepted by us. And recently the real estate market has been under the control of high pressure, but most places have launched a favorable policy to encourage, support and improve the housing rental market. The apartment market also going to develop more. The wireless smart electronic door lock in the apartment is also more and more popular with the owners and managers.
2017 12-16
Electronic Smart Door Lock Has Become The New Protagonist Of The Hotel With the development of society, people have higher requirements for the safety of the door lock. As a smart product integrating a new generation of identification technology, electronic smart door lock is gradually replacing the mechanical lock to become the new protagonist in the hotel industry, bringing new profit growth points.
2017 12-11
Bonwin Hotel Electronic Door Lock Can Give You A "Special" Christmas Gift A few days ago, Tiffany's stationery became a hot search topic. One clip is 1500 yuan, a pencil sharpener is 1800 yuan, the price of ruler, triangle, protractor and other stationery is about 3700-4200 yuan. I can't imagine what these stationery looks like! Can you imagine what the hot "Smart Hotel" looks like at present? Bonwin hotel electronic door lock can show “Smart Hotel" for you.
2017 12-05
Bonwin Has A New Logo! Like animals and plants, the brand will go through a process from start-up, growth, maturity to recession or escalation. From positioning, design, testing to enter the market, a brand will accumulate some brand assets, and then the brand...
2017 12-01
What Are The Functions Of The Hotel Smart Electric Door Lock? Now, the degree of intelligence is constantly improving. In order to improve service quality, the hotels also purchase various smart products to use, The hotel intelligent electric door lock is one of the most widely used products. Hotel smart locks are not only versatile and easy to operate, but also easy to maintain. The following is the main function of professional hotel smart locks.
2017 11-27
Installation And Debugging Method Of Hotel Guest Room Control System Guest room control system is an overall management and control system about hotel, realizing efficiently and conveniently manage the hotel. The guest room control system requires professional operators to complete the installation, and the correct installation and debugging methods can ensure that the system quickly enters the working state and effectively assist staff for hotel management, so how do the hotel install and debug the guest control system?
2017 11-21
How Do You Judge The Quality Of Hotel Smart Door Lock? Due to the development of smart industry, the door lock has also entered an era of intelligence. Hotel smart lock, as a combination of traditional door lock and smart technology, provides higher security for hotel guests. So as a hotel's procurement staff, how do you judge the quality of the hotel's smart locks at the time of purchase? Here I introduce several ways to judge the quality of hotel intelligent lock.
2017 11-17
The Design of Hotel Smart Door Lock System With the continuous improvement of the star hotels’ service, the technological level of hotel-related infrastructure should also be continuously improved to realize intelligent operation. Rely on smart cloud platform service program, Bonwin wireless network door lock system has a variety of unlocking methods, such as smart phone, room card and so on.
2017 11-13
Make Some Changes, And Then Your Hotel can Grow Better In the past two years, the development of mid-range hotel is very good, there are two main reasons for this situation, on the one hand is a better grasp of the customer’ experience, on the other hand is the improvement of hotel hardware based on market feedback like a hotel door lock. The traditional hotel is still blindly immersed in the operation of the low prices, it is certainly not as good as the development of mid-range hotel.
2017 11-08
Hotel Guest Room Control System: It Will Give You A Comfortable, Novelty Experience After checking in, if the guest need to extend his stay because of various reasons, he can only go to the reception desk to check in again. At peak times, guest may need to wait in line, and even the hotel may not have a room to let him ...
2017 11-04
Why does the Hotel Need to Use Smart Guest Room Control System? Now, all walks of life are trying to integrate themselves into the Internet + era as it is to hotel. The industry knows the hotels’ conditions, many people are hoping to get some interest in the Internet environment, so they adopt various methods to interact with the Internet to achieve easier marketing. But these ways are just opportunism, if the hotel want to gain more visibility and profitability, you should have proper understanding of the hotel’s nature and use ingeniously, in other words, the hotel’s service can be improved through the guest room.
2017 10-31
Is The Hotel Smart Lock Really Insecure? The hotel smart lock is not a tool to attract thieves, but a high-tech product that increases the cost of the thief. It not only has strong deterrent effect of thieves, and can effectively protect the personal safety of guest. So, hotel smart lock is very safe.
2017 10-25
Redefinition of Hotel Door Lock For more than 100 years, the hotel door locks have never been out of pure mechanical keys or the physical and singularity of pure electronic, almost the world's hotel have used magnetic card locks, IC card locks and induction card door locks. Today, the era of artificial intelligence has come, so the nature of the hotel lock will also change, the hotel door lock is no longer this model, just like "computer, software, the door card to open", it will be organized into a new artificial intelligence relationship with "Internet, mobile phone and big data".
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