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2019 05-10
Humanized design of smart hotel solutions In this new era of intelligence, in our lives, there have been many intelligent black technologies that have helped our lives become more convenient and intelligent. For example, smart home allows us to control all the equipment in the whole house and switch the electrical equipment at home. This is one of the benefits that smart home brings to us.
2019 04-24
How is the development prospect of the customer control system? The current hotel management and operation friends are very interested in the modern application technology. The related equipment represented by the customer control system can help the relevant organizations to optimize management. From the reputable customer control system market, it can be seen that this type of technology and quality control quality has improved a lot, and some well-established, reputable customer control system organizations are still working hard to carry out research and development. So what are the prospects for the development of the customer control system under their efforts?
2019 04-19
How does the customer control system make the hotel greener and more energy efficient? Green energy conservation is the core value of the hotel's customer control system for the hotel. The hotel's customer control system can create this value for the hotel.
2019 03-21
Why Do We Have To Trust The Big Brand Hotel Control System? The hotel control system is an intelligent system that connects management service providers and consumers. This system enables consumers to have a more comfortable experience while managers get better management results. Why do we have to rely on the big brand hotel control system?
2019 03-15
Things You Should Notice When Selecting Hotel Electronic Door Locks Nowadays, various products of intelligent life appear in large numbers, and in the field represented by hotels, the electronic door lock system has become a very demanding product. The first-class hotel electronic door lock system is very prominent in terms of function and quality. What should we pay attention to when choosing the hotel electronic door locks?
2019 03-13
How Do Smart Hotels Become "Smarter"? The hotel industry has always had problems such as data dispersion, staff redundancy, and high cost. In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the upgrading of consumption, consumers have become more and more demanding for technology, scenes and customized hotel products, and "smart hotels" have received increasing attention. Smart hotel has become another slogan after the "smart city".
2019 03-06
The History Of Smart Door Locks' Development In the early years, smart door locks were almost synonymous with high-end home improvement. In fact, since the entry of smart door locks into our country, there have been nearly 20 years of development history. However, the cost of smart door locks at that time was still very expensive, and some of them were not good enough in the experience.The earliest use of smart door locks in the country is the hotel industry. This kind of hotel lock is opened through a card and other radio frequency schemes, it brings convenience to the users to the greatest extent, and also makes the management of the hotel more simple and effective, avoiding the storage inconvenience and management confusion caused by mechanical keys.
2019 02-27
How Is The Smart Room Control System Linked To The Hotel? The bigger the hotel, the more its management will be. In recent years, the popular hotel smart room control system provides managers with comfortable and humanized management. No matter how large the hotel is, it can still achieve efficient management. So how is the smart room control system linked to the hotel?
2019 02-22
What Can Be Improved With Bonwin Hotel Electronic Door Lock System? In order to increase their competitiveness, the hotel will use an electronic door lock system to control the rooms, the high-quality hotel electronic door lock system can effectively manage the door locks of each room. Bonwin electronic door locks can help you stably manage all door locks. Let's take a look at what aspects of the hotel can be effectively improved after using the Bonwin hotel lock system.
2019 02-19
Things You Should Know About Hotel Control System The hotel control system can intelligently manage and control the lighting system, air conditioning system, curtains and background music of the guest room, and reflect the overall condition of the guest room in real time, such as the needs of the guests and the service of the hotel service personnel. The room control system helps the hotel improve productivity and service levels. So what do you need to know about the hotel control system?
2019 01-30
Bonwin Smart Door Locks: Break Through your Hotel Management Limit With the booming tourism industry, hotels have sprung up. Relying on cloud computing, mobile internet and Internet of Things, traditional hotels, which have been designed to meet the basic needs of guests, have also been transformed into smart hotels with the goal of enhancing guest experience, expanding service equipment and improving hotel management efficiency. This new smart hotel is becoming more and more intelligent in hardware and service. As a hotel smart lock solution service provider, Bonwin has developed an intelligent electronic door lock system to make your hotel more comfortable and modern.
2019 01-25
Why Is The Smart Hotel Going So Fast? Compared with the traditional hotel model, the smart hotel has already had a qualitative leap. Hotels, which used to meet the basic needs of residents, have also been transformed into intelligent hotels that focus on maintaining expansion equipment, improving hotel management efficiency and enhancing guest experience. The development of “Smart Hotel” is a qualitative improvement in the service quality of the hotel industry. Why is a smart hotel going so fast?
2019 01-22
Necessity Of Smart Electronic Door Locks For Hotel Safety Many hotels have taken great care to improve the quality of their services in order to attract guests and get a higher occupancy rate, including the use of the hotel electronic door lock system. The electronic door lock system with good reputation can not only effectively monitor the status of the door lock and find the problem in the first time and solve it in time, and it can also effectively improve the safety management of the hotel. Let's take a look at the need to install smart electronic door locks for hotel security. First, improve the security of guests’ safety.
2019 01-15
What Is The Intelligence Of Smart Hotel? Through the special network composed of computer communication technology and RCU, the smart hotel with hotel room control system can intelligently manage and control the intelligent lighting system, service system and background music system of the guest room, thus assisting the hotel in real-time control and analysis of the room equipment and internal resources. This intelligent management system saves the hotel a lot of manpower and financial resources, and also allows customers to have different stay experience from the perspective of customer health. So what is the intelligence of smart hotel?
2019 01-08
What Is The Role Of The Hotel Control System For Managers? With the development of artificial intelligence industry and hotel guest room control system, the intelligent upgrade of traditional hotel industry is imminent. Recently, the hotel industry has entered a “cold winter”. Most hotel managers are trying to upgrade and transform with new products and measures to strengthen their operations, but the results do not seem obvious. In the face of new demands and development trends in the hotel industry market, what role does the hotel control system play for managers?
2019 01-03
Considerations For Choosing Hotel Wired Electronic Door Locks Nowadays, strong network resources make it more convenient for people to purchase products in life or work. In the process of decoration, the hotel industry will also find the necessary items from the shops and the network, such as panels and electronic door locks. So how can we choose the better and cheaper products? There are several things to consider when choosing a hotel wired electronic door lock:
2018 12-28
Advantages Of Hotel Smart Electronic Door Locks The business model of the hotel belongs to the commercial service type. It needs to control the management cost on the basis of increasing the passenger flow. Therefore, intelligentization and technology have become one of the development directions of hotel management. Most chain hotels choose smart electronic door locks to simplify the operation steps and management process, and the operating features of the system can also add points to the hotel's publicity. Then, the following three advantages of the hotel smart electronic door lock are introduced.
2018 12-19
Advantages Of Hotel Smart Control System Smart hotel has become an inevitable trend of hotel upgrades, especially the hotel room smart control system, which is the first choice for hotel intelligent transformation. With the current competitive competition in the hotel industry, if your hotel wants to be a leader in the industry, you must provide quality and personalized service to your customers. So, what kind of application effect can the hotel smart control system?
2018 12-14
Tips Of Selecting The Hotel Control System In the management of the hotel, the room control system is an effective and constantly upgraded and optimized system, which connects the service needs of the hotel guests with various related equipment. The better the experiences of hotel guests, the more powerful the guest room control system installed. Therefore, when preparing the hotel-related configuration, managers would like to find a hotel control system manufacturer with good service and products. Here are a few key points to consider when selecting a room control system.
2018 12-11
How Does The Hotel Extend Smart Electronic Door Locks’ Life ? Choosing a good electronic door lock is the first step in the hotel's security prevention and control, and it is an indispensable part of the entire hotel system. Therefore, doing a good job of daily maintenance is of great significance to reduce the overall cost of the hotel. In order to better extend the service life of the hotel smart electronic door lock, How should we manage and maintain in the specific use process?
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