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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!
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Add:4/F-6/F, West of No.18 Building, CHANG JIANG PlASTICIZINGMARKET, Xinbei DIST, Changzhou City, Jiang Su Province, China

Jinling Hotel

Jinling Hotel's Story

There was a theft at Jinling Hotel. At that time, as soon as possible to help the hotel to solve the problem, our staff immediately went to the hotel to understand the situation. Later, Manager Wang first asked the receptionist to make the record card to extract the theft rooms lock record, and then read the lock record by the managing computer. The record showed that without any other unlock records, a service card opened the lock and entered the room at 18:35. After seeing the record, the police immediately launched a questioning of room service personnel. Half an hour later, a hotel staff admitted to theft. The suspect said she had been cleaning up in the guest room, and she was envious of the guest's laptop, so she took the computer secretly, and the computer was in her own closet. Afterwards, Jinling Hotel manager is very grateful to our staff, and he said that choosing Bonwin is safe and assured.

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