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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!
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Add:4/F-6/F, West of No.18 Building, CHANG JIANG PlASTICIZINGMARKET, Xinbei DIST, Changzhou City, Jiang Su Province, China

Jin Jiang International Hotel

Jin Jiang International  Hotel's Story

At the midnight of in autumn of 2005, general manager-Wang fell asleep as usual, suddenly the phone ringing masterpiece, Wang was awakened, then answered the phone, the phone came the other end of the man anxious voice, "is the general manager Wang? I am sorry, so late to disturb you, we Chun Ting Floor Hotel stool occurred at night, the guests called the police, and now the police station has been to the scene of the investigation, your electronic lock manufacturers need come here to assist, can you arrange Technical staff to our hotel now? "Wang replied," Well, but it’s too late, not easy to find technical staff, I will come to your hotel right now."Hang up the phone, by the way for a time, it was twelve, Wang got up ready to rush to the hotel. Midnight Changzhou has been slightly cool, under the lights, cool breeze curled with the leaves, with the vehicle gallop over, raised and then slowly fall....
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