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Sub-GHz technology

Sub-GHz is ideal selection for long-distance and low-power communications. Wireless transmission is inversely proportional to frequency, Sub-GHz is more advantageous in low power, long distance communication or ability to through wall. For many applications, 433MHz becomes a global alternative to 2.4GHz (but Japan does not allow it for wireless applications). Based on the 868MHz and 915MHz, the designs can be used in the US and Europe.
There are many available bands that are not authorized or need to be authorized. For system integrators, you can choose to optimize performance in certain areas or work with public utility companies in a wide area. In this diversity, the sub-GHz band has less spectral interference compared to the 2.4 GHz band. The less frequent frequency band can improve the overall performance of the network and reduce the number of retransmissions in transmission.

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