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Running mode in normal state

Bonwin hotel room control system provides five running modes: wait rent, welcome, rented that has person inside, rented that has no one and sleep mode (consistent with scene mode).
Wait rent mode
□ The new room or room that guests check out is in the wait rent mode, the management software shows that the room is to be rented.
□ In this mode, the system is in power-saving running state, and the system enter the emergency state and the sleep state without SOS and the main power switch.
□ If the hotel or guest has special request, the system can set the highest or low room temperature.
Welcome mode
□ When the guests check in at the front desk, the corresponding guest room enter "welcome" mode.
□ If the hotel or guest has special request, the system can pre-set the temperature.
Rented that has person inside
□ If the air conditioner allows, the system controls the temperature of the room according to the temperature parameter set in this mode.
□ In this mode, “Please clean” state, which is set by the fomer guest, is kept to make the waiter clean the room in time.
Rented that has no one
□ After entering the room, the guest will insert lawful card into the identification switch to take power.
□ The system has multiple DC12V weak control switches, including 4 dimmable switches (more used for the left and right bed light or reading lights).
Sleep mode
□ Under the state of "rented that has person inside", the room can enter "sleep" mode.
□ This mode is consistent with the sleep mode in the scene.

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