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Other Features

Emergency Protection Measures
Bonwin provides many measure to handle emergency situations when the hotel uses wireless door lock system. The following are some of the emergency protection measures.
If the system doesn't work properly or has other things, the backup lock and the backup card will take effect. When a fire or other emergency occurs, the hotel manager can open all door locks of guest rooms and floors by the management computer. The latch protection patented technology will effectively protect the lock from human impact. If the battery is out of power or the circuit board is out of order, the mechanical key can open the lock under emergency circumstance, mechanical keys can be individually configured or configurable.
Strict Quality Control
Our company has a strict quality control of the wireless door locks. The unlocking of samples checked is more than 100,000 times. Four testings on the circuit board includes patch welding, aging test, conformal coating and finished product testing.The circuit board is the main test content, including 72 hours aging test, temperature & humidity test. The assembly process is also a part of the test, including assembled components, lock body and finished product.
Before leaving the factory, the staff will also conduct three process checks on the product. As a guarantee by these tests, the life and performance of wireless door lock is very good, its average failure rate is less than 1/50000.

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