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Main functions

Main functions of management software:
◎ System settings - the system password, parameter, function and others can be set according to the needs of the hotel.
◎ Hierarchical password management - each operator has their own work number, password and the corresponding operating authority.
◎ Real-time monitoring of the lock state - real-time detection of the door state, the battery voltage and other working conditions.
◎ Real-time report unlock, lock, illegal unlock and other things.
◎ Real-time correct the door lock’s clock - management software corrects the door clock once per hour, always maintaining the accuracy of the door lock’s clock.
◎ Save function - save all the card records, operating records, cardholder information and other records.
◎ Query report function - you can check the card records, operating records, cardholder information, unlock records and other information, and these records can print out through the printer.
◎ Hardware device management - set communication parameters, door lock IP address and other parameters.
◎ Remote unlock or lock.

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