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Software introduction

The main functions of system management software are to record personnel access of hotel room or office door lock, check cardholder information, and finish card issue, management and statistic. At the same time, the system provides WINDOWS interface repository bwusbapi.dll for hotels and offices to transplant card issue.(refer to interface repository guidance)
Bonwin online service door lock management system1.01(hereinafter referred to as BWHRLL1.01) uses the most stable Client/Server(C/S)system structure. BWHRL1.01 system software is suitable for WINDOWS 2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 and other 32 or 64 bit operating system platform. It has clear graphical interfaces, easy operation and powerful Microsoft SQL Server database management system.
When software is accessed into hotel inside LAN, according to hotels need, manager can use user name and password to login and do relative operation. According to socket, software will connect to hotel management system and then provides every hotel room state and information for it. Besides providing SQL real-time record chart, it also can provide SQL historical record chart.

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