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Product Introduction

With SUB-GHZ wireless sensor network technology, BW883 long distance Eueo wireless lock system provides an effective solution, which communication frequency is 470-525 MHz. Only K and T6 models can use Euro mortise, replacing easily a hotel's existing lock case and inside door hardware. Created with the elegant designer, the concept and technology is refined, contemporary and intuitive. Guests can open the door lock by the APP, RF cards, membership cards and other methods.

Product details

—— Features ——
Sub-GHz technology
With SUB-GHZ technology, BW883 wireless lock system achieves real-time communication and data exchange.
Other features
BW883 also has some other features that are good for hotels.
5 unlock ways
BW883 has five ways of unlocking: computer, card (room card or membership card), mobile phone(APP& Wechat).
10 functions
With ten functions, BW883 wireless lock will improve the hotel's work efficiency and service level.
Bonwin hotel wireless door lock adopts an unique design, which is simple and elegant.
Adopting friendly interface with English, Bowin management software is convenient and eay to operate.
Customer service
Our commitment to service is the customer satisfaction, providing quick and efficient service for you.
With high quality products and service to customers, Bonwin products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

—— How it work ——
The following is the network topology diagram of the BW883 series. Generally, each floor can form a wireless communication network, including a switch hub, some controllers and a lot of wireless network door locks. The wireless network is created by the switch hub, the controller and the wireless door locks are automatically routed by the nearest principle. And the hotel client-sever can make different cards through the encoder, guests can open the door lock or make a service request by the cloud platform.
With the time limit and gradation authorization of the door key, different authorizations of cards and other functions, the system achieves real-time communication and data exchang to manage hotel staffs and guests.

—— How to use ——

For guests, they can be operated easily BW883 long distance wireless lock.
1) Many ways to unlock: APP, RF cards, membership cards and so on. Guests can freely choose the way to unlock.
2) If guests use RF card or membership card, they can not only run the elevator and open the safe box, but also realize the power supply of rooms, consumption, parking management and other functions.

For hotels, it can serve guests efficiently and intimately. 

1) Obtain the real-time data of hotels by management computer, such as the state of room door locks, room's state, open information, alarm information, system status and others.
2) The hotel staff can remotely control the opening and closing of the door lock, and can also link the wireless lock system with the fire alarm system and the burglar alarm system. When a fire occurs, the channel door lock in the relevant area will be opened. If the front desk receives a burglar alarm signal, then the channel door of the relevant area will be blocked and so on.

—— How to install ——
BW883 wireless door lock is composed of a front panel, back panel and mortis. The mortise is main mechanism, consisting of housing, latches, motor, etc. Computer control panel is mounted inside front panel to read cards, to input/output control signal, light and sound signal and analyze these signals. Battery case is mounted inside back panel, powered by four 1.5V batteries. Besides, the lock is equipped with mechanical keys, which can be used when the lock is installed without being powered by batteries or electronic control part goes wrong.
First, you can install the door lock according to the steps on the right.
Secondly, you need to install the management software and do some related initialization settings. If you want to know more, please contact us!

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