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Product Introduction

1. Long Distance-The communication distance between the door lock and the controller is more than 30 meters (indoor), a controller controlls 50~100 locks.
2. Strong anti-interference ability-220 wireless communication channels so that cross-talk of other wireless devices can be avoided.
3. Intelligent cloud platform service program-support mobile Wechat or App to open door locks.
4. AA type batteries for the wireless lock can be used for 12 months.

Product details

—— Products Description ——
1. Long Distance Control Lock

The BW883 long distance control and wireless lock system has a communication distance of 500 meters in the open terrain.

2. Control 50~100 locks!

One controller can control 50~100 locks! The wireless network lock is another product which is especially designed for large hotels and office blocks. 

3. Easy to Install

The lock has a built-in door magnet switch. Therefore, there's no need to separately set door magnet switches and do wiring construction. Also, it is powered by batteries rather than cables, making it quite easy to install.

4. Advanced Technology

BW883 door lock system uses SUB-GHZ wireless sensor network technology.

5. Safe Communication

With 220 wireless communication channels, the lock can effectly avoid the crosstalk of other wireless devices.

6. Low Power

The lock uses four alkaline high energy batteries, which can be available for 12 months or so.

7. Easy to Integrate

As a unique kind of network locks, the wireless networked lock provides COM+ technology interface, and test DEMO program.

—— Features ——
1. Intelligent Cloud Platform

Support mobile Wechat or App to open door locks.

2. AA Type Batteries

Batteries for the wireless lock can be used for about 12 months.

3. Long Distance

The communication distance has been proved to be 500 meters in the open terrain.

4. Strong Anti-interference Ability

220 wireless communication channels are to avoid the cross-talk of other wireless devices.

5. Less Wiring

We can install it fast as each floor just needs one network cable.

6. Built

In magnetic switch type cylinder, don’t need wiring to the magnetic switch.

7. Latch Protection Mechanism

The square latch won't be protruded when the door's open so that it can avoid damages by incorrect operation.

8. All in One Card

Just with one card, you can do the followings: open the elevator, open door locks, unlock access doors, get the room power, consume, and etc.

9. OPENA Software

The systwm has been successfully compatible with the OPENA software.

10. Surface Treated with PVD Plating

It made the door lock more durable.

11. Advanced Circuit Board Production Process

Our products use the automatic chip mounter with high precision and imported conformal coatings.

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