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What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Installing A Guest Room Control System?

2017-03-22 13:09:00 

Bonwin guest room control system, booking room by WeChat, effectively enhance the occupancy rate, digital rooms, enhance the hotel room intelligent degree, customer comfort, effective energy saving and environmental protection.

Bonwin smart hotel control system is stable and advanced, advanced modular rail host module free combination, configuration flexibility, scalability; TCP / IP communication protocol anticollision + Ai-BUS bus patent (Patent No. ZL 2014 2 0544059.2), with fast communication, less wiring, strong anti-interference characteristics.

What are the benefits to the hotel of installing Bonwin?hotel control system?
1, to help the hotel to save electronic and energy, the hotel spend on the system can be recovered within a few years, after the cost of follow-up for the hotel to bring considerable energy savings.
2, reasonable arrangements for hotel staff management, reduce hotel human resources, make more staff for the hotel to improve hotel service efficiency!
3, to improve the score of star hotel, the background of centralized management control, improve the level of hotel management!
4 to improve customer experience, the room of human design, to bring a strong sense of science and technology experience to customers!

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What is the service advantage for the installation of the hotel room management system ?
1, Guests can inform the guest room management part to supply service in each functional area of the room.
2, guests enter into the room, room control has been opened for the guests and start a variety of electrical equipment, guests will not one by one to open the electrical appliances when they feel tired.
3, guests in any functional areas of the room can control the room electrical equipment
4, guests can lie in bed with a remote control or tablet computer can be completed, surf the Internet, ordering, room service, travel information to understand, the hotel features to understand, electrical control etc,.

Installation of smart hotel room system has many benefits, the real smart room waiting for you to experience!

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