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The History Of Smart Door Locks' Development

2019-03-06 14:10:00 

In the early years, smart door locks were almost synonymous with high-end home improvement. In fact, since the entry of smart door locks into ourcountry, there have been nearly 20 years of development history. However, the cost of smart door locks at that time was still very expensive, and some of them were not good enough in the experience.The earliest use of smart door locks in the country is the hotel industry. This kind of hotel lock is opened through a card and other radio frequency schemes, itbrings convenience to the users to the greatest extent, and also makes the management of the hotel more simple and effective, avoiding the storage inconvenience and management confusion caused by mechanical keys.

According to the 2017 Smart Lock Application and Development White Paper released by Alibaba in conjunction with a number of smart door lock manufacturers in 2017, smart door locks are often presented in a stand-alone smart form (in the form of a combination of passwords and fingerprints) before 2010, and the mechanical lock structure is retained. But in actual use, this kind of door lock is almost a single solution to the problem of unlocking and there is no other redundant function. At that time, the smart door lock is more like an "electronic door lock",and many hotel door locks are still in this form.

smart electronic door locks

From2011to 2014, manufacturers seem to be exploring more advanced directions for smart door locks. During this time period, the smart door lock was developed from a single door lock to a "omni-directional smart lock", which added the SIM card communication function. Although the door lock can not be connected at this time, it is possible to send a text message to the user's mobile phone remotely, and has certain remote security capabilities. Since the SIM card communication relies on the operator's number resources and services, if a violent SMS attack is encountered, the intelligent electronic door lock may have a problem such as a program failure and an inability to open. This kind of progress obviously cannot really make the door lock "smart". The smart door lock with networking function is the product trend of future development.

Since 2015, more and more intelligent door locks with networking capabilities have entered our field of vision. With the Internet of Things and fingerprint bio-locking technology, the development of smart door locks has once again ushered in the spring. Today's guests can set the smart door locks through the mobile phone APP, and the smart door locks can be linked with the smart products in the room to achieve the application of intelligent scenes such as "the lights will be turned on when people enter the room". With the real-time remote alarm function, more and more smartdoor locks have begun to adopt the C-class lock core, which reallyraised the safety of the smart door lock to a new height.

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