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Bonwin Wireless Networking Door Lock System-Breaking the Traditional 3 Big Drawbacks of Smart Lock

2017-03-14 09:56:00 

Nowadays, technology is much more developed, creatingfavorable conditionsfor the smart electronic door lock industry.At the same time, the market demand for smart lockis getting higher and higher, wireless networking door lock become the first choice for hotel,enterprise(office), office space and other modern office, school and other personnel flow out of management.

Bonwin wireless networking door lock system usingSub-GHzwireless sensor network technology to achieve the door lock and management computer of real-time communication and data exchange.Communication frequency is 470-525 MHz.BW883 hotel smart locksystem mainly includes: server, switch,controller, wireless networkinglock, card machine, reader and otherequipment components.The controller and the switch adopt the TCP / IP agreement wired communication, between the controller and the door lock uses the wireless communication.

smart lock
The traditional electronic door lock has more complex unlock process, the failure rate is relatively high, power consumption is also high, etc,. With the start of the project one by one, more and more industry peers and customers began to realize the traditional electronic door locks themselves haveproblems, can not real-time view unlock data, can not be issued in real time blacklist and other defects, while has wiring trouble and so on.Compared hotel smart door lockwithtraditional electronic door lock technology, each key point and the management center communicatebywireless way, can solve the traditional wiring way brought about by the impact of beautiful, inconvenient construction, and the existence of security risks Disadvantages.

The next few years, with the consumer awareness of the upgrade, the market recognition, as well as the establishment of sales network, hotel online lockwill inevitably have a revolutionary impact on the lock market.

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