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Bonwin Smart Lock-Using the Electronic Lock Cylinder to Prevent Misuse Resulting Tongue Damage

2017-03-16 13:13:00 

With the advance of intelligence, more and more occasions willuse electronicsmartlocks, and thecurrentstandard five-lock tongue body of the tongue hasnot anti-collision mechanism, that is, in any state as long as when youtwist the side button or key, the tongue all can be ejected, it is bound to cause a security risk, that is, when the door is not locked the tongue will pop up, then if a gust of wind or the user did not notice the state of the closure of the tongue when the side Will be a violent impact on the door frame, resulting in the door frame and the tongue or even the entire lock body damage.

electronic door lock
In order to avoidthis situationhappened, Bonwinelectronic engineers invented thedoor in the open state can not open the tongue through the knob and the key to open the tongue.The advantage of hotel smart doorlock cylinder is:in the open state of the door can not open the tongue through the knob and the key,solving the other side of the tongue and door frame damagewhenthe tongue position is abnormal.

Bonwinintelligent lock core clever use of the stop tongue in the closed when the lock cylinder internal, open the door when the pop-up features, in the pop-up time to prevent the tongue to pop up, when the release of the tongue side.

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