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Which Supplier Has Advanced, Stable, Safe and Energy Efficient Hotel Control System?

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扫一扫!Which Supplier Has Advanced, Stable, Safe and Energy Efficient Hotel Control System?扫一扫!
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Nowadays, traffic is more and more developed, much more people will go out, followed by the the big number of hotel industry, and how to save the cost of the hotel and how to improve customer satisfy with the hotel service? Installing hotel intelligent control system can solve these problems. So what can the hotel control system bring to the hotel? 

Advanced System

Bonwin Technology based on hotel industry trends and technology development, the number of the latest scientific and technological achievements used in intelligent management system, such as: iPad / iPhone mobile flat station; C / S and B / S combination of software systems; FIT / Self-service registration machine; one card management system; 32-bit ARM processor; TCP / IP communication protocol; networking card lock; network identity switch; network card safe box; electronic room no plate; weak touch switch; text messaging Module; incoming remind etc, .

System Stability

The platinum management system is designed with full account of the stability and reliability of the system:
1, using the most widely used, mature and stable TCP / IP communication protocol;
2, management software using Windows, IOS, Android operating system, using Microsoft SQL Server database;
3, the selection of high-quality components and high standards of production technology - using the United States Texas Instruments ARM processor, Xiamen Hongfa relays, etc,.; weak plate using the Japanese Matsushita SMT machine chip, strong plate with dip welding machine welding.

Safe and Energy Saving System

All the equipment and accessories in the platinum management system not only meet the safety and energy efficiency standards of China or internationally, but also have a number of functions to ensure the safety and energy saving of users and equipment:
1, software data real-time backup;
2, weak control instead of strong control mode; RCU circuit with short circuit protection, overload protection and reverse protection; SOS emergency call;
3, network lock security alarm function - the door did not close, the lock is not off, illegal intrusion alarm;

hotel guest room RCU

4, the room air conditioning will be low speed or stop running, and other electric appliances do not need to work will stop working, safe and significantly reduce energy consumption;
5, guests pull card to leave the room, the electric curtains automatically closed, effectively maintain the temperature and reduce energy consumption;
6, when the windows are opened, the air conditioning will automatically outage, saving energy.

Easy to Use for Guests, Fashion Technology Experience
1, new and fast guest registration and check-out methods: members booking guests with membership card directly to check in, without the reception desk registration; iPad mobile open room; use self-registration machine to register, stay and check out;
2, the guests use the iPad for electronic recipes and can order straight away; guests use the room standard iPad query bills, ordering, service requests, surf Internet, games, work, you can also use it to operate smart hotel guest room system equipment, display visitors etc,.
3, hotel control system - Platinum Management Software "Check in" after the success of the room air conditioner automatically starts running; guest unlock into the room while the gallery lights automatically spot, curtains open automatically; service request button, the SOS emergency call; one key engine of the total ( Sleep ) function; night light will gradually darken from the dark, to avoid bright dazzling; guests pull card to leave the room, the curtains automatically closed, air conditioning automatically change into the low-speed insulation mode.
4, one card - guests holding a card, you can open the elevator, door locks, room to take electricity, open the safe box, credit card spending, parking management and other functions, a card in hand, unimpeded.

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