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What is the Advantage of the Hotel Room Control System?

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扫一扫!What is the Advantage of the Hotel Room Control System?扫一扫!
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Bonwin hotel room control system in the traditional system of customer control system integration, network card to take electricity, network safes and electronic cat's eye and other products.

First, the state-wide system is the same set of software management, there is no interface problems, do not need secondary development, even if the wine tube software docking, you only need one can. And other manufacturers is basically the two manufacturers, although the so-called powerful combination, but who will not own the bottom of the things provided to each other, the system needs to run two sets of software, docking, then also need two docking.

Second,  Bonwin hotel control system wiring, just to network cabling to the door of should be the room of the passenger control box can be. And other manufacturers, smart hotel control system and network lock system is the need to cloth two sets of networks, passenger control system and door lock system to separate wiring network to the server to form a network, thus increasing the cost of pre-customer. And the use of problems, when the guests emergency call, the state barrier through the customer control box directly to achieve the emergency door lock function. Other manufacturers because it is two sets of network systems, to achieve emergency emergency unlock, the need for smart hotel system received an emergency situation after the upload to the customer-controlled server, guest-controlled server and then through the street to the door lock server, and then lock the server Command to the corresponding floor of the network lock control box, and ultimately can send orders to the door lock, the process is too complicated and too cumbersome, any one part of the problem, it is difficult to achieve.

Third, the  door lock and hotel RCU system supporting a lot of redundant problems. When the door lock and passenger control system is two manufacturers, in the realization of card access to the identification of the time there are many problems. First, the design of the lock card encryption information is the core of the door lock manufacturers, it is impossible to provide to the customer control manufacturers, to achieve identity, or secondary card, or card number binding. The second card is the guests need to register in the two sets of systems to write two cards, or wine tube once again write a card at the same time. Card number binding more trouble, room card can only bind the corresponding room.

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