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What Are the Advantages of Wireless Network Locks?

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扫一扫!What Are the Advantages of Wireless Network Locks?扫一扫!
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The advantages of wireless network locks are the following:

1. Network lock can be unlocked by mobile phone or APP open- the door lock function;

2, the patented low-power circuit technology-the battery life of up to 1 year;

3, the communication distance-door lock wireless communication distance of 30 meters and a station management controller 50-100 locks;

4, anti-interference ability-with 16 wireless communication channels, effectively avoid other wireless devices crosstalk;

5, less wiring, construction fast-a floor only need to lay a network cable, installation and construction convenient.

6, solid stainless steel tongue-all the keys are made of 304 stainless steel casting, safe and solid.

7, lock cylinder built-in door switch-no need to set a separate door magnetic switch and a separate wiring construction.

8, the original side of the tongue to protect the body-the door when the tongue can not be played, to prevent improper operation crashed tongue phenomenon.

9, a card more use-a card can open the elevator, smart hotel door lock, access doors, safe, etc., but also to achieve the room to take electricity, consumption, parking management and other functions.

10, has successfully docked with OPENA software, authentication number 5003-135 ( BWLCertification number ).

11, the international advanced PVD plating door surface treatment, wear durable, more than five years do not fade!

12, advanced circuit board production process-high precision automatic placement machine patch and import three anti-paint protection.

The advantages of wireless network lock to be better to play well, can be with hotel room control system, hotel management software with the use of the perfect realization of "smart hotel".

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