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Things You Should Know About Hotel Control System

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The hotel control system can intelligently manage and control the lighting system, air conditioning system, curtains and background music of the guest room, and reflect the overall condition of the guest room in real time, such as the needs of the guests and the service of the hotel service personnel. The room control system helps the hotel improve productivity and service levels. So what do you need to know about the hotel control system?

First, convenient and fast network communication

With the adoption of international standard TCP/IP protocol, the RCU of the hotel control system can quickly link the Ethernet interface, which not only has strong compatibility and fast transmission rate, but also is suitable for hotels with a large number of rooms. This network communication technology allows the equipment to operate stably and improves the feasibility of later maintenance.

guest room management sysytem

Second, safe and reliable big data

In the era of big data, smart hotels have firmly grasped the powerful weapon of information to optimize functions. Through the hotel control system to search and organize different data sources, the hotel intelligent control system establishes a strong data group closely related to the hotel, which improves the reliability of hotel management and establishes a safe and reliable data space.

Third, strong compatibility

The energy consumption in the hotel mainly includes the following aspects: lighting, air conditioning and standby energy consumption that has always been ignored. Generally speaking, the lamps in the hotel rooms are often running at full capacity. As soon as the lights are turned on, they will operate according to the corresponding power of the voltage. Through sensors, the hotel control system can adjust the lights by monitoring the brightness of the room in real time, which naturally saves energy. In addition, the hotel locks will also produce a lot of energy consumption. Now there are two kinds of smart door locks on the market, one is the hotel wireless door lock and the other is the hotel wired door lock. The hotel can choose the right one according to its own scale and development.

Low-power hotel locks, good hotel control systems can be combined with this door lock.

Fast network communication and reliable big data are the core of the hotel room control system. Strong compatibility is an important reason for the popularity of hotel control system. Only if you understand the principles of its work, can you know why this system can bring convenience to the hotel and choose the hotel smart control system that suits you.

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