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The Three Major Functions of Bonwin Hotel Intelligent Control System

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扫一扫!The Three Major Functions of Bonwin Hotel Intelligent Control System扫一扫!
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With the rapid development of the times, more and more customers want to be personalized in the hotel and information services. Therefore, for the Chinese front-line city star hotel, the urgent need to provide customers with high quality service experience, complete facilities, intelligent docking hotel room intelligent control system, high-grade interface style. The pursuit of innovative services, improve customer satisfaction, in the fierce competition in the market access to the initiative.

The hotel's intelligent hotel management system is the perfect combination of the latest technology and modern hotel management. It not only helps the hotel staff and service personnel to carry out a large number of dynamic, messy information and data in the course of running the hotel. Timely and accurate analysis and processing, so that hotel room management and services become simple and efficient, easy and orderly; also provide customers with more personalized to enjoy. For different types of hotels, but also divided into luxury hotel control system, high-end hotel control system, business hotel passenger control system, all with intelligent, network, standardized features.It’s summed up the three main functions :

The system is open to the hotel's management staff and engineering department, front desk, room center and so on. It can control all the equipment of the room remotely, receive all the information from the room status, service request and so on, and respond quickly to customer requirements. Record customer service requests and service response time, and room service data statistical analysis, improve the hotel's management level and service quality.

On-site lighting, air conditioning, electric curtains and network and other equipment control, the system can be room through the hotel room control system terminal touch screen, or the traditional single switch to achieve, both to meet the customer comfort and convenience requirements, but also help the hotel to save energy.

The system to serve guests as the center, the guests use the phone WeChat or APP both to achieve the booking, payment, election room, open room, stay and check out, but also open the room locks, air conditioning and other electrical and service requests. Both to the guests to a new stay experience, but also let the guests feel convenient, free access, safe and private, warm and considerate, comfortable home !

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