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There Is A Smart Door Lock Called Bonwin

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扫一扫!There Is A Smart Door Lock Called Bonwin扫一扫!
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Now, smart products have become an integral part of people's daily lives. With the continuous dissemination of smart ideas, hotel electric door lock has also big changes, and a new smart door locks have appeared in some high-end hotels. Due to the high price of smart door locks, the middle and low end hotels hotels still prefer the traditional card door locks rather than the new type of electronic lock. In addition, some hotel smart door lock manufacturers blindly pursue the appearance of the product, but ignore the safety, which is are most concern of consumers. Even if these smart door locks have a stylish and beautiful appearance, they cannot be recognized by consumers.

Bonwin hotel lock, which is dedicated to providing consumers with a durable and reliable product, has conducted in-depth research on the hotel's smart door locks. With the concept of "customer first", Bonwin has developed a new generation of wireless door locks relying on SUB-GHZ technology to provide guests with a simpler and safer living environment.


Integrating various security features into a smart door lock, Bonwin hotel lock is suitable for hotels of different sizes. With elegant and simple appearance, this lock can meet the aesthetic needs of different people. Secondly, the smart door lock has a variety of opening methods, including mobile phone APP, room card, mechanical key and so on. For middle-aged and elderly people, they can independently choose the opening method, if they like to use the smart phone, they can use App to open it remotely, or they can unlock it with a traditional room card, so that middle-aged and elderly guests can also enjoy the beautiful experience brought by hotel intelligentization.

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