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Humanized design of smart hotel solutions

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扫一扫!Humanized design of smart hotel solutions扫一扫!
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So in the past two years, what are the benefits of a very popular smart hotel?
When we are planning to stay at the hotel, we can book the room on the corresponding hotel app or public number. After we come to the hotel, we no longer need to go through the queue check at the front desk to complete the check-in directly in front of the hotel's machinery. operating. We can get the hotel successfully by getting the corresponding room card or through the fingerprint lock of the room. After entering the hotel, the lights and air conditioners in the room will open automatically, the curtains will automatically close, and the background music will sound slowly. We don’t need to press the switch and press the air conditioner. The smart device in the room can help us complete the phase. Corresponding operation. In addition, the indoor temperature control equipment can automatically adjust the optimum temperature according to the indoor temperature. This is the benefit brought by the smart hotel system.

hotel room control system

Features of Smart Hotel:
1. The characteristics of the smart hotel system are first of all humanized scenes. All equipment can be used to meet the needs of the guests through the system equipment, and can also meet the current market demand through the recommendations of the hotel. These are not available in traditional hotels;
2, the second is to save energy, open interface, this system has a lot of open protocols, there are 232, 485 interface, so that you can easily connect with some BA systems, door locks and bathroom systems , can also be systematically linked to help guests achieve higher requirements;
3, networked management, real-time monitoring, remote management and historical query. Real-time monitoring of the operation of the equipment in the hotel room, the first time response to problems, can improve the safety of guests to avoid accidents. Of course, the use of these devices will not invade the privacy of the guests;
4, modular design, each module is separate, independent, easy to upgrade, easy to maintain, as long as you can upgrade online, because it is modular, relatively low cost;
5, high integration, can be highly integrated and docked third-party systems;
6, can edit a variety of personalized scenes, all scenes can be controlled on the panel with one click, because when we provide this panel, system, these scenes have been set for the hotel, the owner side of the scene; When you open the door, there will be a corresponding welcome light sequence, other lights will light up, the curtains will close, there will be a meeting scene, you can see the scene changes, and the theater scene, in addition, you can set a variety of sleep. Mode, turn off the TV, curtains, lights, and start a new wind, air conditioning automatic adjustment function. There is also a wake-up mode. When you get up at 7 o'clock, you can get up with music, curtains and lights. When a friend visits, you can switch to the TV screen. In addition, the check-out function, when you press the check-out button, the waiter knows in advance and then informs the room check in advance, greatly reducing the waiting time.
The smart hotel system can improve the hotel's service and enhance the customer's stay experience in many aspects.

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