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Hotel Wireless Networking Lock System Working Principle

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Network lock system will use RF card technology combination with computer technology and electronic door lock , with the RF card instead of the key, using the network technology with the computer to achieve intelligent door lock management control, an effective solution to the traditional door lock operation cumbersome, can not record Information, can not remote control and other deficiencies. The networked door lock system can be used in a variety of large luxury hotels.

Wireless network lock system principle is the use of Sub-GHz wireless sensor network technology, to achieve the state and the computer door between the real-time communication and data exchange. Sub-GHz communication

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frequency is 470-525 MHz. At the technical level, Sub-GHz is mainly used in industrial applications. Sub-GHz needs to have sufficient safety, stability, operational fluency, strong equipment carrying capacity and low power consumption.

BW883 wireless networking door lock system includes: a server, switch, control , wireless networking locks, card issuer computer, readers and other equipment. The controller and the switch adopt the TCP / IP agreement wired communication, between the controller and the door lock uses the wireless communication.

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