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Hotel Room Control System-Making Hotel Management More Efficient

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扫一扫!Hotel Room Control System-Making Hotel Management More Efficient扫一扫!
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Now the hotel has been different from the traditional hotel, in the face of strong market competition, the hotel have intended to upgrade the transition, because the development of the community for the traditional hotel has been a bit unacceptable, so the hotel change is necessary, but also to the most popular the direction of the development of intelligence, the only way to be more efficient hotel management, customer service is more in place to attract customers. The hotel's intelligent realization is mainly rely on high-tech room intelligent control system, hotel room control system is the hotel access control, air conditioning, lighting, security and other aspects of management and control, to create a comprehensive intelligent modern fashion hotel, Where is the specific performance?

1, Hotel room control system makes hotel reservations manage better. Now the hotel profits are generally not very high, one of the important point is the existence of the hotel OTA, they diverted a lot of profits, so that the hotel operating conditions deteriorating. However, the booking function, so that the hotel can completely away from the OTA mode of operation, so that the hotel directly with the guests docking, not only increased hotel profits, but also close listening to the aspirations of the guests, help the hotel to make the most correct development decisions the smart hotel room control system can now be through the docking with the micro-letter to achieve the booking function, not only that, check out, pay, room control and so on can be easily achieved in the WeChat, especially for traditional hotels, this is simply Guards to achieve, Do not worry about the guests line up Tucao, and customer satisfaction is not rising strange. In addition, for the micro-client guests are of course accurate customers, the hotel can often earn the old customers to make concessions, the use of WeChat to push, this approach is both free publicity, but also the effect of sticks.

2, Smart room control system makes hotel service better. In the room not only a variety of service panel settings, as well as the presence of smart TV, smart TV and smart hotel control of the docking, so that guests directly on the TV to achieve ordering, query air tickets, travel information, etc., and the hotel can put their own Products and services made of vivid and beautiful display of the image, virtually increase the consumer's sense of consumption, improve the hotel's profits.

Inside, the hotel management more convenient, saving a lot of manpower costs, enhance the hotel grade. External, customers enjoy the service experience more in place, can not forget the technology to enjoy.

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