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First Look of Bonwin New Smart Lock BW883M in 2017

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扫一扫!First Look of Bonwin New Smart Lock BW883M in 2017扫一扫!
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Bonwin new product BW883-M matches BW883 long-range wireless network lock system of the new models, the new M-type still has bright gold and stainless steel for customer to choose. 

BW883-M appear more simple atmosphere without more modified, the panel with glass texture material, to the overall environment to enhance the future, surrounded by shiny metal package edge out of the unique elements of the BW883-M temperament. In addition, the new increased signal logo on the panel, flashes after the success of the sensor, people will be clear at a glance.
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First, Luxurious, fashion simple, digital technology. All the panel uses mobile phone tempered glass, durable wear, many peers are using acrylic, the surface is easy to scratch scratches, and our cell phone glass can keep new for 5 years or 10 years;

 Second, the light at the Department-you can hit the hotel LOGO, which is free.

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