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A Comparison of the Characteristics of Bonwin Network Lock and Non-Network Lock

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扫一扫!A Comparison of the Characteristics of Bonwin Network Lock and Non-Network Lock扫一扫!
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Traditional hotel smart door locks have been widely used in many hotels, but with the progress of society, the hotel management needs and guests’ understanding for intelligent, to promote the development of this intelligent technology. On the basis of the traditional smart door lock, their manufacturers will apply the networking functions. The traditional smart door lock performance will be greatly improved. What is the difference between a networked door lock and a non-networked door lock?


Network Lock

Non-network Lock

Guest use

Very convenient, members with member card can directly unlocked into the room without registering through the reception desk

Inconvenient, no such function


More secure, the alarm for the door did not close for a long time, illegal opening alarm

In general, no such function

Coordinate with the hotel guest room control system

Fully integrated into a system, through the management computer to know whether there have people or not in room and the identity of the people

Can not be integrated, no such function

Internal management and operation

Very convenient, the door lock initialization settings, adjust the clock, the card reported loss, remote control unlock, unlock record query etc,. Which are all directly controlled by computer, no need to do lock operation

Inconvenient, all operations must be done on lock


Fault early warning; low maintenance costs, easy maintenance, no need to replace the battery

Failure can not advance alarm; maintenance costs are high, maintenance is not convenient, you must regularly replace the battery 

According to the realization of classification, can be divided into:

Wireless networking door lock (using Sub-GHz wireless sensor network technology to achieve real-time communication and data exchange between hotel electronic door lock and management computers. Sub-GHz communication using communication frequency is 470-525 MHz.

Wired network lock (using TCP / IP + 485 bus communication, to achieve door lock, service switches and management of real-time communication between the computer and data exchange)

Nowadays there have little door lock manufacturers can achieve the networking function, when you choose the nework lock, the first you should consultation with the manufacturers functions you need, followed by the choice of the brand is very important, because the brand can better guarantee the quality and safety.

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