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Bonwin Teach You the Right Choice of Hotel Smart Lock?

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扫一扫!Bonwin Teach You the Right Choice of Hotel Smart Lock?扫一扫!
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Hotel smart lock matching is generally: a computer, a write card (card machine), card, a set of door lock software (some with room management software), mechanical key, battery (manufacturers do not deserve), take electricity Switch, a license card, which is called the hotel smart lock .

Smart door lock as a high-tech products in the field of hotel locks has become a leading product, but how to choose smart door lock is a major problem in the hearts of users. According to a report, a four-star hotel in Shenzhen, because the engineering staff do not understand the smart door lock selection method, choose a low price smart door lock, resulting in the hotel's smart door lock in the use of six months after the lock Body rusty, work is not normal and so seriously affect the hotel reputation and service situation, when looking for manufacturers to solve, only to find manufacturers have disappeared, so that the hotel had to replace the smart door, to the hotel a great The loss of economy and reputation. In the cohabitation of the smart door lock market, the hotel smart lock brand which is good?

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China is well-known hotel smart lock a lot, Bonwin is one of them, shortlisted "China's top ten smart brand", has been to high-quality products and excellent technology support in the Chinese market occupies a place. Bonwin's smart door lock is also its flagship product, including induction
hotel card lock, network lock, WeChat open the door, sauna lock, hotel guest room control system.

Choose a good quality smart lock for the hotel is very important, the lock is to protect the property of the guests are not infringed, plays a very important role. Therefore, we must choose a good smart lock.

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