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Bonwin Hotel Intelligent System Overall Solution

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扫一扫!Bonwin Hotel Intelligent System Overall Solution扫一扫!
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If a family is a microcosm of society. So, a room is a miniature of the hotel. We return to the nature of the hotel, then the hotel is "nobility in the country to entertain the villa" is the traveler's home outside the home. So that guests feel at home, to maximize the needs of personalized guests to meet the hotel room service will face a new competitive point. In this regard, the smart hotel intelligent system products occupy a clear competitive advantage. It provides the wisdom of the security of the private space, will make the transformation of the hotel room, to attract the majority of guests in order to pursue the enjoyment and special stay.

First, full of humanistic wisdom to provide thoughtful "welcome" service

VIP access to the room card into the identification switch, the card legitimate room total power connected to the management of the computer to show the room in the "rented" state, and show the identity of the cardholder. Gently press the edge of the light touch switch, the system default mode can automatically switch to "welcome" mode, the indoor light slowly lit, melodious background music quietly flowing, elegant electric curtains slowly closed, TV sound Has also been opened, so that your guests have a "home" comfort.

smart hotel system

Second, to enhance the safety of the room system to stay in the guests sit back and relax

Bonwin cat system (split) to overcome the traditional small cat's eye perspective, observation is not convenient and other shortcomings, to provide guests with high-definition and free to switch the visitor image is the traditional cat's eye upgrade products when visitors light doorbell button, visual cat eye system immediately start and capture the scene, visitors to the image will be clearly leaped into the visual cat's eye on the LCD screen, the guests at a glance. Visual cat eye system not only to the guests brought great convenience, but also reflects the hotel's distinguished grade and professional service level.

Connect the network box to the room RCU, and through the hotel control system LAN will be sensor card safe and management computer connected, and by smart hotel system management software unified management, under the smart room control system of a subsystem. In this way, the use of computer management can easily control the card to control the management, while the status and information of the card safety box and real-time feedback to the management of the computer. 

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