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10 Characteristics of Bonwin Network Lock

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扫一扫!10 Characteristics of Bonwin Network Lock扫一扫!
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1. Bonwin network door lock using the Philips Mifare sensor module to support the identification of M1 cards and CPU cards and other high-frequency cards, with a card function.

2. Door lock normal work by the network power supply, eliminating the need to replace the battery work; that is, save the cost, but also to protect the environment.

3. Hotel members can be through the website, WeChat or OTA, etc., without the total station registration can be directly unlocked into the room.

4. Room lock lock records (including mechanical keys, card type, open the door time), alarm records (spare battery undervoltage, the door is not closed, the lock is not closed, illegal open the door to record real-time upload, easy maintenance inquiries.

5. Bonwin smart hotel lock can be network remote emergency open, normally open, normally closed, return to normal and other operations.

6. Manage the computer automatically corrects the door clock every hour, not only to ensure the accuracy of the door lock clock, but also improve the stability of the door lock system.

7. In the case of interruption of network communication, the door lock also completely saves the recent 2800 personnel access (time, identity, mode) and the lock operation record for the query, waiting for the network communication to return to normal after the door lock information and then automatically uploaded to the server or computer.

8. With the state-controlled system, without a separate network cabling, through the hotel room control system to provide power and network, saving the hotel's investment costs.

9. With the Bonwin electronic cat's eye, when visitors visit, guests do not need to get out of bed to the door, just press the bedside unlock button, visitors can enter their own.

10. In the Bonwin smart hotel room control system, the guests press the SOS switch, the system into a state of emergency, and linkage will open the door lock for 3-5 minutes, to facilitate the rapid rescue of personnel. The network issued to restore the normal order, emergency open time or someone to press the door lock handle and other locks can be restored to normal state.

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