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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!
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2017 07-31
How to Setup BW883 Door Lock
2017 07-31
BWRC388 Wired
2017 07-29
This Hot Summer Bonwin Hotel RCU System Brings You More Customers Weather and temperature are quite important for those people who are on a vacation or a business trip. This summer, many places of the world are in hot waves, which makes guests especially desperate for a cosy living hotel. Your hotel wi
2017 07-25
How Bonwin Stands out Facing the Flourishing Market of Smart Door Locks The flourishing development of smart hotel industry speeds up the production of smart door locks. Nowadays, the market of smart door locks is not only promising, but also of great competition.
2017 07-19
The Five Essential Elements of The Hotel's Development The development of an upscale hotel involves 5 kinds of parts. What are these five major parts? What do they do? Let's introduce here.
2017 07-17
Wireless Network Lock for Door Will Drive the Hotel's Smart Door Lock to Better Development With the improvement of the security features of the door locks, electronic door locks are slowly attracting people's attention. At present, it has become the preferred door lock of many places,such as the modern office, application occasions and management situation where people flow more frequently, but also become the first choice of hotels, clubs and other occasions.
2017 07-13
Following the Trend of Hotel Intelligent, Hotels can Develop Better The traditional electronic door lock is outdated, but also can not meet the needs of the guests. The guests need a more convenient way to stay and more private protection, so what should the hotel do?
2017 07-11
Create a Special Competitive Advantage by the Hotel Smart Room Today, you can hardly be separated from the internet, the network occupies your life. With the development of the Internet, the hotel not only need to strengthen the traditional services and management, but also in the network marketing, technological innovation, customer archives and other aspects to further improve.
2017 07-08
Bonwin Campus Smart Door Lock System can Create a Safe and Smart Campus for Students The college entrance examination results of this year have come out, some students are satisfied with their results, and some very sad. Then, the candidates will face a very important thing in life, that is the application for college.
2017 07-06
The Smart Hotel Should Know What the guests Want Now, the concept of smart hotel has been mentioned too many times, but what is the real smart hotel solution? The key is to know where the boundaries of the concept of smart hotels are, and it is necessary to know what is the guest really needed.
2017 07-03
Smart Tourism & Smart Hotel : A New Smart World As our country gradually strengthens its support for the development of "Internet +", "Internet of Things" and "Big data", the growth of internet consumption is significantly faster than traditional consumption. And a successful smart hotel management system will bring more customers and more profit for the hotel, and the appearance of new communities, especially a family travel and many people travel together, has brought a new test to the traditional hotel.
2017 06-30
Bonwin Electronic Network Lock for Door: A Campus Card Lock Is Unlocked by WeChat Now, most colleges and universities have opened the campus card service. It is convenient for the students to do a lot of things with a card, such as consumption, attendance, water and electricity control, parking and so on. But there are still some management problems in the construction of smart campus, such as convenience, security and others. There is still a lot of room for improvement.
2017 06-28
The Application of WeChat Is Good for Hotel Development With the development of the Internet, WeChat, as the product of the internet age, is gradually integrated into our daily life, and it makes our daily life more convenient.
2017 06-26
Five Characteristics of Modern Intelligent Office Building’s Electronic Door Lock With the development of the Internet era, more and more intelligent devices enter ordinary people's lives, the work office buildings also develop into the wisdom building, the change from hardware to software improves the office efficiency and grade.
2017 06-23
In the Era of Internet of Things, How Will the Traditional Door Locks Develop? Google CEO Schmidt once said, "The Internet will always be with you, as part of your presence. You can imagine that when you walk into a room, and the room is vibrant. You can interact with all the electrical appliances in the room, everything is in your control."
2017 06-21
Customized Hotel Control System: High Quality and Cheap The price of hotel control system in people's eyes seems to have no standard, because the hotel control system is not a standardized product but a customized product.
2017 06-19
What Kind of Preparations Are Needed for the New Hotel? As the saying goes, good start is half the battle. The formation of a hotel requires the operator to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but the benefit of some hotels are not very good, which requires us to do a good job in the early investigation and study their own positioning.
2017 06-19
Maintenance and troubleshooting of hotel smart door lock 1. Hotel smart door clock calibration Whether the door lock clock is accurate will directly affect the use of the key card, so you must check regularly (with data card acquisition).
2017 06-16
The Working Principle and Characteristic of the Card Access Control System The Working Principle For the card access control system, the first thing to consider is the system security, which is the ability to effectively control the personnel access and information. Because the card access control system is an intelligent electronic control system, it can make full use of the computer "intelligence" and use several ways to control to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.
2017 06-14
What should the Hotel do to Make a Profit Now? More and more practitioners have realized that it is difficult to attract consumers' attention if they simply follow the traditional routines. Times and markets require hotel people not only to manage, but also to "play" to achieve intelligent management.
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