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2017 10-21
The Difference Between the Hotel Smart Door Lock's Glass Panel And the Acrylic Panel The above two kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to choose depends on your own needs, the hotel smart door lock’s panel material, meeting your needs, is better.
2017 10-17
What Are the Benefits of the Smart Hotel? The traditional hotel industry has been planning transformation and service upgrades, with the development of the Internet of things in recent years, the hotel is trying to realize the "smart hotel" through the upgrading of intelligent technology, and then optimize the cost and talent structure.
2017 10-10
3 Reasons of Using the Hotel Smart Door Lock Hotel smart door lock is a intelligent product that combines the electronic technology and a large number of electronic components, it has a unique technical advantages and Obvious characteristics just like safety and convenience. Therefore, hotel smart locks are popular in major high-end hotels. What are the reasons for the hotel to use intelligent door locks?
2017 09-30
Which Hotel Control System Should You Choose, Wired or Wireless System? As we all know, the hotel control system is wired to connect. But recently, there have been some wireless control products on the market, leading to a new problem for hotel managers: which is good, wired or wireless?
2017 09-28
How does Traditional Hotel Break OTA Restrictions? The internet has solved the problem of information asymmetry between hotels and consumers. First of all, consumers can choose their own favorite hotel, if there is no internet, the customer is difficult to know which hotel is s...
2017 09-26
The Benefits of the Smart Door Lock to the Hotel Today, the business philosophy of the hotel industry has undergone a revolutionary change. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, the introduction of smart door locks is a good choice for both guests and the hotels. Guests can enjoy a more intimate service, and the hotel can get more guests. The following is the benefits that smart lock gives hotel.
2017 09-22
Hotel Smart Door Lock is not Just a "Lock" Some survey data show that the lock market has been out of the "iron lock" era. With the continuous development of magnetic card, fingerprint, password, face recognition and other high-tech technology, the use way of smart door lock change rapidly. In the pursuit of lock safety, people are also concerned about other elements of the hotel door lock, such as convenience, advanced and fashionable.
2017 09-20
With Well-grounded, Bonwin Wireless Door Lock Is Entering A New Stage of Accelerated Development Bonwin Tech introduced the second-generation wireless network lock after years of study. Once launched, this hotel door locks are widely welcomed.
2017 09-16
Would You Like To Stay At The Smart Hotel? With the development of the times, more and more people would like to travel. So people want to live some fresh and intelligent hotel, as one of them, I hope to have such a hotel:
2017 09-14
How to Determine the Installation Quality of Hotel Smart Door Lock As a familiar intelligent product, more and more hotels are using smart door locks. The installation procedure of hotel smart door lock is not very complicated, but it is not simple. Its installation usually takes place with the help of professionals. After the installation of the intelligent door lock, how does the hotel staff judge whether the installation is qualified in the shortest time? Today we will talk about this knowledge with you.
2017 09-12
Unlock Way of the Smart Door Lock About the smart door lock, I believe that many people are now familiar. It is not only widely used in hotels, apartments and other commercial real estate, but also widely used in family houses. Smart locks’ operation is very easy, the following we tell you about how to unlock the smart door lock.
2017 09-09
Brand Or Hotel Management, Which Can Really Keep Guests? In any industry, the brand is equivalent to trust. The service personnel, managed by the company, is the key to keep the guests.
2017 09-07
How to Use the High Technology to Attract Business Guests Business guests are no longer just satisfied with the printer or the conference center, what they want is a virtual meeting in their guest rooms. This room can not only allow guests to relax after work, but also have special features, when they need, a room can become a virtual office that is easier to capture the hearts of business guests.
2017 09-04
The Reform Direction of Traditional Chain Hotels In recent years, the mid-range hotel has developed better and better. The popular reasons of mid-range hotels generally include 2 aspects, on the one hand the hotel accurately understands and provides the experience guests want, on the other hand it constantly improves the hotel hardware and software facilities,for example wireless lock for door.
2017 08-11
For Gaining More Guests, Hotels Should Turn to Wireless Network Door Locks For hotels, customers’ need must be put in the first place. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to know what customers want. The 2016 Customer Engagement Study deserves to be studied carefully by hoteliers if they hope to make a change to attract more customers.
2017 08-07
The Information Security of Smart Hotels Requires Attention Smart door locks, as the significant guardian of guest rooms, should promise their security. Actually, smart door locks are born for better serving hotels and guests, and the security is put in the first place.
2017 08-02
Smart Door Lock That Supports APP or Wechat Leads to Higher Guest Satisfaction According to the J.D. Power 2017 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, incorporating mobile apps and functionality into a hotel stay is associated with higher guest satisfaction. Having known the study, a lot of hotel manag...
2017 07-31
Investigation Method of Master Module Problems
2017 07-31
Hotel Guest Room RCU Arm Board Installation Precautions
2017 07-31
How to Reset the PCB of BWRC388 PCB
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