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2018 04-16
Why Is The Hotel Guest Room Control System More And More Popular? The advent of the Internet + has promoted the development of smart technologies. The use of smart products in hotels also has become a standard to measure the service quality of hotel. The future of the hotel will inevitably be an smart ...
2018 04-12
Choosing Hotel Smart Door Locks' Three Key Points With the increasing and upgrading of hotels, the role of the hotel lock in it becomes more and more important. Because it can improve hotel management efficiency and has the characteristics of fashion and energy saving, smart door locks are widely used in homes and hotels, but consumers are also plagued by the choice of so many products. So how do we choose the right hotel smart lock?
2018 04-09
How Does A Designer Make A Good Electric Door Lock? From the design point of view, electronic door lock is tool for people's daily life. The two most important functions are theft prevention and simple use.
2018 03-29
This Is An Era Of Smart Hotel The convenient and simple smart hotel room management system can effectively improve the work efficiency, management level and guest experience, which is the general trend of the of smart hotels.
2018 03-27
Daily Use Of Hotel Electronic Door Lock System's Card The electronic door lock system is a common way to protect the safety of guests that is currently used by budget hotels. Guests can use the room card to open the designated room. The hotel records the new room card through the management system and cancels the right of the previous room card.
2018 03-20
Smart Hotel Can't Deviate From The Beginner's Mind As one of the traditional industries, the hotel has long been a smart technology laboratory and exhibition hall. However, which smart products, such as smart electronic locks and guest room control systems, are truly conducive to customer experience?
2018 03-16
How Can The Reliable Software Of The Hotel Guest Room Control System Be Developed? Hotel room management system consists of two parts: hardware and software. So how can a smart hotel manufacturer develop a reliable software of room control system?
2018 03-14
There Is A Smart Door Lock Called Bonwin Bonwin has developed a new generation of wireless door locks relying on SUB-GHZ technology to provide guests with a simpler and safer living environment.
2018 03-12
Hotel Electronic Door Lock Can Gain More Customers By Your After-sales Service Recently, smart electronic door locks have become very popular in the hotel industry. It has once become a hot product, but problems have surfaced, such as high prices and poor after-sales service, which even has led to the worse develop...
2018 03-07
Hotel Room Control System's Measurement Factors In the process of choosing the hotel control system, it is very important to accurately measure the quality of the guest-control system. Some factors is described below.
2018 03-05
What Are The Benefits Of Hotel Room Management System To Guests? In order to make guests have a good living experience, many hotels tend to choose the high quality hotel room management system, because the intelligent and simple hotel control system can make the guests more convenient and safe. Here is a brief introduction to the benefits of hotel room management system to guests.
2018 02-28
Factors Affecting The Price Of Hotel Electronic Door Locks As a more important system, the electronic door lock system is often used by the hotel, it is mainly to for guests to feel the convenience and safety of the hotel. Now many manufacturers offer hotel door lock solutions, so we have to know the factors that affect the price of electronic door lock system:
2018 02-27
Bonwin Hotel Electronic Door Lock System Interface
2018 02-11
Bonwin Hotel Lock's New Showroom Is About To Meet You In 2018, Bonwin hotel lock will continue to provide you with good products and services.To this end, we are building a new showroom to give you a better understanding of our products.
2018 02-08
How Does The Hotel Smart Management System Reduce The Cost Of Operation? With a hotel smart management system, the hotel not only provides a better experience for guests, but also reduce the cost of operation to a certain extent, especially in the cost of hotel staff. The next is how hotel control system reduces hotel’s operating costs.
2018 02-06
Bonwin Hotel Wireless Smart Door Locks' Software Installation Method With convenient and safe features, the Bonwin wireless smart door lock can not only be opened by smart phone but also your room card. For hotels, how does this smart door lock install software to make room card?
2018 02-03
Smart Hotel's Trends In 2018 In recent years, the smart hotel industry has been developing rapidly, and many high-tech products appear on the guests side, including hotel smart electronic door lock, smart guest room management system. What are the new trends in smart hotels in 2018? Bonwin summed up the five trends you should know.
2018 01-29
Bonwin Wireless Smart Door Lock System's Hierarchical management Bonwin wireless door lock system has a hierarchical management function, which is suitable for different occasions, including the following 3 areas.
2018 01-26
The Development Of Hotel Door Lock In The Future From the original mechanical lock to the present smart locks, hotel locks developed rapidly. In the future, the hotel door locks industry will have what direction? Today, I will discuss with you all.
2018 01-22
Hotel Smart Electric Door Lock's Using Steps Generally, hotel smart electronic door lock has many ways to open, such as fingerprint, smart phone, room card and so on, and now I will introduce the use steps of hotel smart door lock’s room card.
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