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2018 12-06
Four Functional Modes Of Smart Hotel Room Control System The smart hotel room control system, known as the “hotel's intelligent one-stop solution”, can intelligently set and adjust the operation for each functional partition. It is more responsive to the the needs of guests' activities and hotel management, and maximize efficiency. Below are the four functional modes of the smart room control system.
2018 12-04
Smart Electronic Door Locks: Bring More Guests To Your Hotel One of the most common problems in the hospitality industry is homogenization competition. If you offer the same products and services as other hotels, it will easily be eliminated by your better peers. Consumers' preferences are ever-changing, and now they want something special and comfortable. Smart electronic door locks can make the hotel stand out, attract more customers and bring huge profits.
2018 11-28
Features of Popular Hotel Electronic Door Lock Suppliers Since the invention of the electronic door locks, it has won the favor of many industries, such as the hotel industry, which is very helpful for the management and service of these industries. Good electronic door locks are a big boost to the growth of hotel interests. The following are the features of a good hotel electronic door lock supplier to help you better identify and purchase high-performance hotel electronic door lock.
2018 11-23
Characteristics of Future Hotel Room Control System Building “Smart Hotel” has become a trend in the hotel industry. Thanks to its powerful operating system and corresponding control mode, the hotel room control system makes it easier for modern hotels to achieve better service results. In the future, the room control system will become a great tool for the hotel to attract customers. The following characteristics are also always included in all aspects of the hotel room control system application.
2018 11-21
Bonwin Electronic Door Locks: A Better Thanksgiving Gift for Your Hotel A high-quality and convenient experience is everyone's expectation of travel. For branded apartments and hotels, increasing the efficiency of large-scale management and reducing operating costs are major requirements. Focusing on hotel door locks for more than a decade, Bonwin has introduced an intelligent electronic door lock that can achieve a variety of unlocking methods, which will definitely bring new development to the hotel, hotel apartment and hotel tourism.
2018 11-14
Attentions In Upgrading Hotel Electronic Door Locks With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, traditional hotel door locks have also added intelligent elements. The huge market of smart door locks has attracted the favor of many investors, and a variety of smart door locks have also appeared. So what should we pay attention to in the process of upgrading the hotel electronic door locks?
2018 11-09
Why Are Hotel Room Control System Firms' Products More Practical? Whether it is a store or a hotel where you have to deal with a large number of customers every day, it is very important to manage customers well. Therefore, the equipment and systems produced by modern room control system manufacturers are competing for purchase by the hotel industry. People are very impressed with the technical advantages of the hotel room control system manufacturers and the practicality of the products. So why are the products of the hotel room control system manufacturers so practical?
2018 11-06
Bonwin Smart Hotel System Is Coming To You For the hotel industry, the era of "smart hotel", relying on mobile Internet and big data, has quietly arrived. Bonwin Technology, as an experienced manufacturer of hotel electronic door locks and room control systems, continues to advance in the hotel sector and has launched the smart hotel system.
2018 11-03
Reasons That Modern Hotels Adopt Smart Electronic Door Locks Smart door locks are made of electronic technology and many electronic components, which has unique technical advantages and convenience. It can show more and more obvious advantages in practical application, and can better cater to the high standard requirements of today's market, especially for the implementation of hotel standardization services. The following article describes the reasons of hotel adopts smart electronic door locks.
2018 10-30
What Is The Role Of Smart Door Locks In Hotels? Compared with traditional mechanical locks, hotel smart door locks are a kind of lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security and management. Throughout the current market, there are many types of smart door locks, such as rfid card electronic door locks, smart phone door locks, password door locks. The emergence of these smart electronic door locks not only brings new competitive advantages to the hotel, but also brings convenience to the guests.
2018 10-25
How Does A Hotel Choose The Right Electronic Door Locks? From the current market point of view, there are various types of smart electronic door locks for hotels, such as magnetic card locks, TM card locks, rfid card locks and fingerprint locks. How do hotel managers choose the right electronic door lock to bring the most benefits and security to your hotel? For hotels, the following factors should be considered.
2018 10-18
Smart Hotel Is A Necessity In The Future With the major upgrades in consumption, the changes centered on the individual needs of consumers are becoming more and more obvious, and the intelligent and interactive occupancy experience has received much attention. Although not everyone can own a luxury home, people can live smart and convenient life through intelligent decoration, the same is true for hotels. If there is no intelligent equipment and management in the future hotel, no one will be willing to live in a luxurious hotel. So, what are the benefits of a smart hotel?
2018 10-15
Characteristics Of Hotel Electronic Door Lock System Nowadays, some hotels have begun to use the excellent electronic door lock system to provide relevant services to customers, which fundamentally provides the prerequisite for optimizing service quality and handling related content of each module. In order to better meet the service requirements of modern hotel guests, the most promising hotel electronic door lock system should present its unique use characteristics in the specific use process.
2018 10-09
Benefits of Hotel Room Control System For Branded Hotels The hotel room control system has two kinds. One is that the system includes both the customer management system and various intelligent systems in the hotel. The other is the control system inside the hotel, such as the power control system, central control system. The hotel room control system with different connotations is non-processed and has certain intelligence. What benefits can the hotel room control system bring to the brand hotel?
2018 09-29
Why Do Hotels Adopt Smart Electronic Door Locks? Nowadays, hotels need efficient and energy-saving management. The previous management model is not conducive to the long-term development of the hotel. More and more hotels are beginning to introduce smart electronic door lock systems and guest room control systems to optimize management. The most promising intelligent electronic door lock system can effectively promote the development of modern hotels.
2018 08-24
Differences About Wireless Smart Door Locks And Bluetooth Door Locks Recently, some hotels have adopted Bluetooth door locks. So what is the difference between Bluetooth door locks and Bonwin wireless smart door locks? Here are the differences between the two hotel door locks:
2018 08-22
Ways Of Solving Problems In Hotel Room Control System During the tour, people are willing to choose a hotel with a stable and convenient room control system. Combining a wide range of quality services, the hotel room control system provides guests with a comfortable service experience and high security, which is an integral part of the hotel. So, here are two ways to deal with common problems.
2018 08-16
Smart Electronic Door Lock: A Good Gift For Your Hotel Then, when the door lock meets the intelligence, what kind of sparks will there be? With the emerging technologies such as electronic technology and radio frequency technology, hotel door locks have undergone earth-shaking changes. First, people don't have to carry the keys with them; secondly, the way of opening locks is more diverse. The emergence of smart electronic door locks has changed people's understanding of hotel locks.
2018 08-13
Bonwin Electronic Door Lock's Services Provided For Your Hotel In order to build the best cost-effective hotel electronic door lock system, reasonable planning should be carried out in the design. When choosing a hotel door lock system manufacturer, hotel managers need to know what services they provide. The following are the excellent services provided by Bonwin electronic door lock.
2018 07-24
Bonwin Smart Door Locks That Are Suitbale Of Your Hotel With the continuous improvement of living standards, we want to try new ways of life. Whether it's a hotel, an apartment or a homestay, they are looking for smart new products, and then smart door locks appear. A smart phone can manage hotels, apartments, and homestays through the hotel locks. Since the birth of Bonwin smart door lock, it has brought great convenience to hotels and guests, and solved the problem of “last 100 meters” of reservation platform and hotel room. Therefore, the smart door lock quickly won the favor of many hotels.
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