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2017 03-04
Which Supplier Has Advanced, Stable, Safe and Energy Efficient Hotel Control System? Nowadays, traffic is more and more developed, much more people will go out, followed by the the big number of hotel industry, and how to save the cost of the hotel and how to improve customer satisfy with the hotel service?
2017 03-02
What Hotels Should Pay Attention to in 2017? In the past year 2016, hotels and hotels, OTA along with the intense consolidation and mergers and acquisitions. No matter what will happen in 2017...
2017 03-01
Bonwin Redefine the Smart Hotel Control System, Building New Concept people-oriented of Intelligent Hotel In recent years, Bonwin technology has great development. Not only overcome a lot of technical problems, to achieve a stability, security, prices are greatly reduced.
2017 02-25
What's the View of the New Generation of Hotel Guests? Now the young people are living much comfortable, spending power is very strong ? No, they just mentality changed, with the difference between the older generation is-learn to enjoy.
2017 02-24
Can you offer wireless network system with the same functionality as wired system? Yes, we can. BW883 is hotel wireless lock system, which can be used for both old rooms and new rooms. It is sub-ghz lock rather than wifi lock. BW883 sample unit can be provided for you, the deadline for bw883 group buying is march-2017.
2017 02-10
Smart Locks-the Door Way Competition According to the different needs of different places and use, the same classification Smart locks are diverse, for example, we travel will be settled in the hotel, and that is a feature of most lock swipe and out the door after door...
2017 02-07
Hotel Lock Brochure 2016
2016 12-26
The Development of Intelligent Lock Industry Smart Intelligent Lock development of the industry is changing now, he will be widely used in various occasions. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, tourism industry has also followed its natural wave, i...
2016 12-24
The Trouble Shooting Of BW883 Smart Wireless Door Lock The following table is about BW883 trouble shooting.
2016 12-18
How to Choose the Hotel Guest Control System? As we all know, customer control system for high-end hotel, the no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Select hotels in  the Hotel Guest Control System products when possible to consider and select from the following several aspects. ...
2016 12-06
Wireless Networking Lock Follow the 2016 Intelligent Lock Wireless networking intelligent lock system, non-contact RF card as a door key, communication using wireless networking lock works, you can achieve record and upload remote server list issued by the management software, real-time monitor...
2016 12-02
Wireless lock creates the future of the smart hotel As the Internet + coming, many of the hotels rushed to play smart hotel concept and slogan, then, these nominally intelligent smart hotel is real not necessarily! The hotel really need it intelligent? Wireless lock creates the future of...
2016 11-30
Intelligent Hotel-a New Bright Spot in Competition Computer literacy and applications in hotels, the new technology platform, the new technical features are emerging, the characteristics of information systems are suitable for domestic slowly into the hotel, making the hotel management s...
2016 11-28
Hotel Intelligent Control System for the Future Although now the hotel rooms intelligent control system has been developed to a more mature stage, but no matter what is a peak period will have a horizon, the outlook of hotel rooms intelligent control system is quite bright. So h...
2016 11-26
Can Bonwin locks be docked with other hotel management softwares? Yes, you can provide SDK, so that hotel management software company can try docking.  Our wireless locks has been successfully docked with Fedilio Opera. Bonwin Company is improving based on scientific and technological innova...
2016 11-26
Wireless locks can help five star hotels attract more guests Currently, the five-star hotel bottlenecks market encountered a lot of performance is getting worse, as before, it can be said difficult, many hotels have also been "Reaching for the Stars", plus the political wind blowing from simple ba...
2016 11-26
Hotel Room Control System Can Help Hotels Attract More Guests At present, China's hotel industry has entered a stage of rapid development, apartment hotels, boutique hotels and other rapid development. In some areas, the hotels supply growth exceeded the hotel demand growth. New hotels continue to ...
2016 11-26
The Unmanned Mode for Hotel Intelligent Control System Since that hotel intelligent control system is an intelligent system, then it must definitely more than one mode of operation, and each model also has a variety of advantages and features, which is an analysis of its unmanned mode nowada...
2016 11-25
BWRC388 Wired BWRC388 wired method as following: 1. Lamp Connect to the RCU; 2. Switch/Lock/Safe Box/ Connect to the RCU
2016 11-23
Do You Know the Selection Standards of Customer Control System? Advocating freedom, self-modern era hotel services need more attention to human, intelligence, as guest rooms in the main recreation area is particularly critical in selecting managers passenger control system as below: 1. Consider...
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