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2018 10-15
Characteristics Of Hotel Electronic Door Lock System Nowadays, some hotels have begun to use the excellent electronic door lock system to provide relevant services to customers, which fundamentally provides the prerequisite for optimizing service quality and handling related content of each module. In order to better meet the service requirements of modern hotel guests, the most promising hotel electronic door lock system should present its unique use characteristics in the specific use process.
2018 10-09
Benefits of Hotel Room Control System For Branded Hotels The hotel room control system has two kinds. One is that the system includes both the customer management system and various intelligent systems in the hotel. The other is the control system inside the hotel, such as the power control system, central control system. The hotel room control system with different connotations is non-processed and has certain intelligence. What benefits can the hotel room control system bring to the brand hotel?
2018 09-29
Why Do Hotels Adopt Smart Electronic Door Locks? Nowadays, hotels need efficient and energy-saving management. The previous management model is not conducive to the long-term development of the hotel. More and more hotels are beginning to introduce smart electronic door lock systems and guest room control systems to optimize management. The most promising intelligent electronic door lock system can effectively promote the development of modern hotels.
2018 08-24
Differences About Wireless Smart Door Locks And Bluetooth Door Locks Recently, some hotels have adopted Bluetooth door locks. So what is the difference between Bluetooth door locks and Bonwin wireless smart door locks? Here are the differences between the two hotel door locks:
2018 08-22
Ways Of Solving Problems In Hotel Room Control System During the tour, people are willing to choose a hotel with a stable and convenient room control system. Combining a wide range of quality services, the hotel room control system provides guests with a comfortable service experience and high security, which is an integral part of the hotel. So, here are two ways to deal with common problems.
2018 08-16
Smart Electronic Door Lock: A Good Gift For Your Hotel Then, when the door lock meets the intelligence, what kind of sparks will there be? With the emerging technologies such as electronic technology and radio frequency technology, hotel door locks have undergone earth-shaking changes. First, people don't have to carry the keys with them; secondly, the way of opening locks is more diverse. The emergence of smart electronic door locks has changed people's understanding of hotel locks.
2018 08-13
Bonwin Electronic Door Lock's Services Provided For Your Hotel In order to build the best cost-effective hotel electronic door lock system, reasonable planning should be carried out in the design. When choosing a hotel door lock system manufacturer, hotel managers need to know what services they provide. The following are the excellent services provided by Bonwin electronic door lock.
2018 07-24
Bonwin Smart Door Locks That Are Suitbale Of Your Hotel With the continuous improvement of living standards, we want to try new ways of life. Whether it's a hotel, an apartment or a homestay, they are looking for smart new products, and then smart door locks appear. A smart phone can manage hotels, apartments, and homestays through the hotel locks. Since the birth of Bonwin smart door lock, it has brought great convenience to hotels and guests, and solved the problem of “last 100 meters” of reservation platform and hotel room. Therefore, the smart door lock quickly won the favor of many hotels.
2018 07-20
How Can You Buy A Safe And Durable Hotel Electronic Door Lock? As a member of the electronic lock, there are different requirements for the hotel electronic door lock and the household electronic door lock. Home electronic door locks must have a variety of opening methods to facilitate easy opening, while hotel electronic door locks require a single opening method, which is conducive to efficient management.
2018 07-17
Hotel Smart Electronic Door Lock System’s Data Service With a more humane operation, the service mode of the hotel smart electronic door lock system is also more abundant. When docking with the system developer, the hotel needs to have a certain understanding of the data services provided by the hotel smart door lock system, which helps to choose the cost-effective hotel electronic door lock system.
2018 07-12
Reasons Why The Hotel Guest Room Control System is Recognized In recent years, there have been great changes in the management of many service industry. Among them, the smart hotel system, represented by the room control system, has attracted much attention. With the continuous efforts of the development team, the hotel room control system has better performance and updates.
2018 07-10
Tips Of The Hotel Electric Door Locks' Use There is some solutions about the Bonwin hotel electric door locks' use. 1. When the guest card is placed in the electric door lock’s sensing area, the lock is no sound, light and motor action.
2018 07-05
Notes of Choosing A Hotel Room Control System More and more hotels use professional guest room control systems to create a more perfect hotel residence solution through smart products, such as smart electronic door locks. Only a reliable, high-performance hotel room control system can achieve better hotel management, so staff should pay attention to the following when selecting a hotel guest room control system.
2018 06-29
Why Can Bonwin Have High-quality Hotel Electric Door Locks? From traditional mode to smart management mode, the development trend of hotel products represents the overall outlook of this era. Its popularity is evident from the fact that people are actively asking which electronic door locks are good. At the same time, the extremely high quality also makes the hotel electronic door lock system expected by people. Why does Bonwin have a good electronic door lock system?
2018 06-15
The Necessary Part Of Bonwin Hotel Smart Electric Door Lock System The hotel smart electric door lock system can not only saves a lot of resources for the hotel, but also intelligently creates a feeling of home for the guests. So what are the unique configurations of Bonwin hotel door lock system?
2018 06-12
What Is A Real "Smart Hotel"? Although there are already many smart hotels, some people still don't know much about smart hotel. So today we have come to explore the unique advantages of smart hotel, making it so popular.
2018 06-08
The Convenience That Smart Electronic Door Locks Bring To The Hotel The perfect hotel smart door lock system not only can effectively help the hotel to manage quickly and effectively, but also makes user inquire various data or current status quickly in order to better arrange or handle the work of hotels. The following is the convenience of the hotel smart electric door lock system.
2018 06-04
How Can Your Hotel Become A "Smart Hotel"? Today, smart hotels are constantly appearing around people. Some hotels focus on providing guests with intelligent solutions such as smart electric door locks and other services. However, the real smart hotel is not a single intelligent device stacked up, but a overall solution which perfectly integrates software and hardware.
2018 05-30
What Kind Of Hotel Wired Network Door Lock Is Better? Because of the continuous development of the new century, hotels have become more and more involved in people's daily lives, so the hotel lock system is also becoming more and more familiar. What kind of networked door lock system is better for hotels? The following is a brief list of the features that it needs to have.
2018 05-25
Guest Room control system: A good partner of your hotel The guest room control system is mainly used in hotels, especially large star hotels or hotel management groups. A good hotel guest room control system can meet individual needs and monitor the overall situation of hotel rooms, which will not only provides guests with a comfortable room environment, but also helps the hotel to know the needs of guests at the first time.
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