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Working state

The working state of Bonwin hotel control system is divided into 4 kinds: normal, emergency, test, fobbiden state, each state controls different components.
Normal: In general, the room is in normal state. In this state, the system is divided into five modes: wait rent, welcome, rented that has person inside, rented that has no one and sleep mode, and guests can intelligent control light, air conditioning and other equipment through a variety of modes.
Emergency: the room can enter this state by SOS key or network control. In this state, the system automatically provides power to the strong circuit and the choice that guests set the automatic opening parts.
Test: the room can enter this state by network control. As one of the ways to test all parts' operation of the room, this state can observe whether lamps, door locks, switches are normal.
Forbidden: the room can enter this state by network control. when the room is permanent room or in the maintenance, you can set the roomto enter the state. In this state,  all electrical appliances and controlled socket are closed, and until the guests or manager applies for the removal of the condition, no one can take power. Through this state, the hotel can reduce the energy while improving the safety of the room.
In addition, hotel control system provides 3 kinds of periodic control loop when no one is in the guest room, including fan or other parts, keeping the room comfort.
For example, a fan keep running for 5 minutes every 2 hours to keep the toilet air quality.

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