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All Functions Of BW823 Wired Smart Door Lock

Classification management
Bonwin wired network lock system provides your hotel with 23 different functions and permissions of the card, and you can select cards you need.
The card can be divided into three types: set card, management card, ordinary open card. The set card is used to make a card that can set the function of the door lock, including the password card, clock card and so on. The management card is held by the hotel management personnel, including master card, room card and so on. The ordinary open card is held by guests or ordinary staff, including employee card, key card and so on.
Remote control function
With Bonwin wired door lock system, many hotels' work can be done through the management software, for example remote unlock or lock room, authorize or write off a card, check the state and unlock record of the door lock and so on. BW823 wired smart lock can improve the hotel security, room management, administrative personnel management and other aspects.
Alarm function
No matter what the size of the hotel, if you want to master the situation of all the rooms, the hotel needs to hire more staffs. Alarm function of Bonwin wired smart door lock can not only help the hotel save cost but also has better service to guests. When occurs the following things, the system will immediately send out the alarm information, such as illegal intrusion, the door is not closed, the lock is not closed, etc., then the hotel staff can handle the situation in time to protect the hotel’s and the guests’ property and security.
Channel function
The door locks of some hotels’ evacuation channels and emergency exit are iron locks, once the emergency situation, it will give people a huge loss. BW823 hotel lock can help the hotel solve easily this problem.
Any one of the door locks can be set as a channel lock,  in the case of an emergency, the hotel manager can open all the locks through the computer. The system can also be associated with fire control system, security system and others.
Clock correction function
When the clock of the door lock is lost or stopped, it will give the guests or the hotel management inconvenience, such as the guests can not open the door lock, the hotel can not control the card lock time and so on, and even cause damage to the hotel.

Bonwin wired door lock management software can regularly correct the door lock clock, maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the lock clock. Through this function, the hotel can provide guests with better service and then get benefits.
Memory Function
The door lock has a complete "black box" memory function, the record includes the card type, card number, card state,opening time and so on, and the unlock record of the mechanical key can also be saved.
In the online state, there are no restrictions on the number of records saved of Bonwin  wired lock, and even when the network communication is interrupted, the lock also saves more than 200 lock records for query.
Check Out And Termination Function
Check out and termination function is that once a room checked out, the software will automatically terminate all unlock function of the room cards, and then previous guests can no longer enter the room. This function does not require manual operation, and can be set by the management computer.
No Disturb Function
After staying at the hotel, guests need a comfortable and quiet environment. No disturb function provides such a choice to the guests, meeting the demand of guests and reflecting the hotel's intimate service. When the guest enters the room and locks themselves, the general unlocking card is invalid, only the emergency card and mechanical key can open the door lock.
Lock Room Function
The lock room function is specially designed for the safety of the guest. When a room is in the lock room state, only the guest card or hotel emergency card can open the door lock of the room, any other card, such as employee card, temporary card and so on, are unable to open the lock, which maximizes the protection of the guest's personal and property safety. The lock function will automatically lift after the guest open the door.
Time-limited Function
The time-limited function of Bonwin wired door lock system can help the hotel easily save manpower and resources. With this function, the hotel staff can quickly set the time for any unlock card, if the card is time out, the door lock can not open, avoiding the guest owing room charge. You can also set a card to be valid for a certain period of time and not valid at other times, giving the guest a better experience.

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