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BW823 Hotel Wired RFid Lock's Features

Multi-application card
The door lock adopts PHILPS Mifare induction module, it can identify high-frequency cards such as M1 cards and CPU cards, and has the function of multi-application card. One card can not only open elevator, room lock, safe box and so on, but also realize power supply, consume and other function.
Original dry battery emergency power supply technique
When the door lock works normally, it is powered by the network, eliminating the need to replace the battery, which saves costs and protects the environment. The dry batteries will work immediately once network power is off.
Simple use
With the intelligent cloud platform, guests can use smart phone APP, rfid card and mechanical keys open BW823 wired network lock. After booking, members can directly enter the room without registering at the front desk.
Security & alarm
All equipment and accessories in the wireless door lock system are not only compatible with Chinese or international safety standards, but also have a number of functions to ensure the safety of users:
With 3 spring bolt structure reaching international standard, door locks can be anti-theft and resist impact of 1000 kg from outside. If the door does not close or has other abnormal conditions, the door lock will alarm. The locks keep about 800 records, and the management software can keep all locks' records for a long time.

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