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Request and handling of service

Each unit of hotel control system supports 8 service requests (including the doorbell and visual peephole). When the request is valid, the system will enter the corresponding setting mode, and then reported hotel staff to fast respond (by voice or pop-up window).
◎ Total power (sleep). When the switch is valid, the system triggers the corresponding circuit (such as night light, no disturb or others) and closes other circuits to achieve sleep using one key.
◎ Do not disturb. When this request is valid, the system will close the other service request (for example clean, wait, laundry), at the same time the doorbell won't work and notify the management software to prevent the attendants to disturb guests.
◎ Please clean, check out, please wait, laundry. When this request is valid, the system will close the DND request, open the doorbell function and prompt the administrator to respond to the service. Through the identification of network power-saving switch, management system automatically statistics attendants' service time and response time, helping the hotel's management and improving service quality.
◎ Doorbell and visual peephole. When the system is in the rental and non-disturb state, the doorbell can work. When the doorbell triggers, the system starts to ring (ring time can be set). If the doorbell is integrated into visual peephole, the system can automatically send the visitor video to the TV to display clearly the visitor image. If the guest is near the door and press the video button of visual peephole, the visitor image automatically switches to the peepphole's LCD screen, making the guest feel convenient and clear.

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