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Lock, identification switch and temperature control switch

Hotel control system provides power management and RS485 network management on the networking induction card locks, networking identity switch, network temperature control switch, realizing the setting and control of these electrical appliances and using records's summary.
◎ Members do not need to register in the front desk, the system supports members booking and open room;
◎ The door lock records (including mechanical key, card type, open time), alarm records (for example, the battery is not closed, the lock is not closed, illegal opening) and switch records are real-time reflected in the control system.
◎ Identifying the identity of the person who takes power in room (guests, attendants or managers),and automatically recording service application and processing situation to provide data base (such as cleaning, attendants and service hours, etc.).
◎ air conditioning can be controlled by the network temperature control switch, which has two control methods: manual control and automatic control. The system is based on the guest's manual control as priority principle, effectively achieving energy efficiency while improving the level of room service.

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