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Lighting Scene Mode

Hotel control system can provide four lighting scene mode (including sleep mode). Through the scene mode, guests control multiple lights by pressing a button. The system can confirm the current scene mode, when the room comes into a scene, it will automatically exit the previous scene. Through the scene settings, it is convenient for the guests.
◎ Reception mode: click on the reception mode switch and then the room's preset lights both open (such as room lights, spotlights or others), providing visitors with a good lighting environment.
◎ Reading mode: click on the reading mode switch, and then the room's preset lights both turn on (such as lamp, computer lights), providing guests with a good reading or writing environment.
◎ TV mode: click on the TV mode switch, TV lights will turn on, and the lights, which may cause visually tired of the guests, will turn off to protect the eyesight of the guests.
◎ sleep mode: click on the total power (sleep) switch, the system triggers the corresponding circuit (such as night light, do no disturb and so on), and closes other loops. When the guests trigger switch or service, which is not set sleep trigger, the system exit the sleep mode. After exiting, the system automatically enter the set night or day mode to keep the room basic lighting.

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