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Alarm linkage and component control

Each unit of hotel control system supports 4 alarm linkage and some SOS access. By setting the mode and time of alarm linkage and control components after alarming, the system improves the safety of the room and reminds the guest of the room's running state .
◎ Alarm linkage of door magnetic, window magnetic and safe box . When the alarm signal is effective, the linked components trigger (such as corridor lights, curtains or others) , providing basic lighting for the guests. If the alarm time is not reset within the set time, the system will alarm to prompt the manager (by voice or pop-up window). After the alarm, you can set the control components (such as air conditioning, identity switch and so on).
◎ Linkage of human infrared switch. The infrared switch is used in the bathroom or dressing  room, and the linkage can control many components, such as bathroom lights, bath mirror lights, exhaust fans, wardrobe lights and so on.
◎ When the guests sleep and the alarm signal is valid, the room exits the sleeping mode. The system reminds the guest to pay attention to the security of the property by the setting of the light.
◎ When the room is in the SOS state, the system is in a state of emergency at the same time, the system automatically provides power to the electrical circuit, sleep mode is forced to exit, other service requests are prohibited. The SOS status is reported to the management software and prompts managers to respond quickly (voice or pop-up window).

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