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Wired lock's open ways

Wired lock's open ways

Product Introduction

Product details

 5 unlock ways
BW883 has five ways of unlocking: computer, card (room card or membership card), mobile phone(APP& Wechat).

Card unlock

Bonwin hotel wired door lock provides a traditional way to unlock - swiping card. Before entering the room, the guest puts the room card or the membership card at the lock sensor, and the door will open. After entering the room, the guest inserts the room card to the power switch, the room will be powered. When the guest leave the room, the guest can take out the room card and then take the door, the room will automatically power off, this way is very simple and convenient. When guests forget to carry the card, he can also open the door lock through the mechanical key or smart phone.
Smart phone unlock
Smart phone unlock is a major feature of the Bonwin wired lock system. After booking and paying online, the system will automatically authorize the unlock privileges before the time guests choose to arrive (the time can be set). When guests arrives, the guests do not need to take card through the front desk, and can directly open the door lock and enter the room via mobile phone APP or Wechat, which provides guests with the most convenient service and protection of privacy. BW823 wired door lock is connected with the management software, the door locks’ state can be real-time monitored and automatic recorded, effectively preventing employees from opening rooms without authorization.
The wireless door lock system can be connected with the automatic fire alarm system and the safety protection subsystem. In case of an emergency, the hotel staff can open all the locks and aisle locks to protect the security of guests.

Computer unlock

As a public place, there are some hidden security problems in the hotel, such as fire. To give guests a comfortable and safe living environment, the Bonwin wireless door lock system is specially designed with an unlocked way - the computer, and the hotel staff can a key lock rooms or open all the locks through the computer.

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