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Advanced Sub-GHz Technology of wireless Lock in Use

2017-03-06 09:26:00 

Amongthe Internet interconnection applications, there are two ways to connect: wired and wireless.Wired connections are commonas:RS485, Ethernet, CAN, Modbus, etc,. wireless connection common as WiFi, sub-GHz, ZigBee and so on.Sub-GHz wireless propagation is inversely proportional to frequency, with advantages over low power, long distance communication or wall penetration.

There are many available bands that are not authorized or need to be authorized. For system integrators, you can choose to optimize performance in certain areas, or to work with public utility companies in a wide area.In this diversity, the lock with sub-GHz band has less spectral interference compared to the 2.4 GHz band.The less frequent frequency band can improve the overall performance of the network and reduce the number of retransmissions in transmission.
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Bonwin BW883 wireless lock system uses the license-free sub-GHz (frequency 470 ~ 525MHz) wireless sensor network technology to realize real-time communication and data exchange between the door lock and the management computer. Applied for the local area network and the wide area network environment.The wireless lock system mainly includes: remote wireless lock, coordinator, server, switch, card computer, reader and other equipment, coordinator and switch using TCP / IP protocol wired or Wifi communication, coordinator and hotel wireless door lock between wireless communication.

BonwinTechnologyadhere to the"excellence"quality policy, first launchedBW883 Sub-GHz long distance wireless lockahead of the pack, only to reduce your budget, enhance your expectations!

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