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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

I'm the quality management manager- Wu Bin. After graduation, I joined Bonwin company, and I have been working for more than a decade. 
When I joined Binwon, I was an ordinary assembler, and I worked serious. It was not long before the company leaders arranged for me to do the inspection work. After that, I transferred to the maintenance department. And now I'm the quality control manager. The four change in my professional role make me better, and I always do things
One day, I still worked with a lot of problematic motherboards. In the afternoon, my colleague gave me a few motherboards, personally brought by the customer, and let me repaired as soon as possible. Without any hesitation, I immediately plug in the soldering iron and tester to detect the motherboard. Some motherboards' repair were not very difficult, but the last piece of motherboard's problem was a little complic
ated, its repair needed a time and methods.
At this time, my colleague came and said that the customer was a little impatient. I still thought about the solution of  motherboards, so I had to ignore him and continue my maintenance work. And after a while, my colleague came again and asked me when I could fix it, I promised to fix it before I leave. Finally, I solved the problem of the motherboards on time, I felt much better.

After testing all the motherboards, I immediately went to the office to meet the customer. When I arrived at the office's near, I heard the customer's complaints. He impatiently said: "These motherboards haven't been repaired yet. Can you serve us well?" Colleagues patiently explained to the customer, I felt very sorry. When I entered the office and then customer saw his motherboards, he shouted to me: "What are you doing in the end? Can you fix it?" I had to apologize again and again with the customer.

The next day, my colleague said: "You are too silly, you don't have to be so careful, and even if you repaired it, the customer still blame you." I just smiled and said: "
The customer must be very worried when he has waited so long." In fact, if I found the problem but pretended no problem, I'd be upset. So I would rather be blamed by customers.
Now, I am responsible for quality control department, and my main work is to ensure the quality of the company's products, but also is my self-examination. Because I firmly believe that doing things
hard and my heart naturally at ease.

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