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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

In 2009, I came to Changzhou, and I really like this city. After that, Bonwin was the first company I came to Changzhou, which is equivalent to my another home. Here, I was Bonwin foreign trade salesman- Dan Xiaoyu. come with me and listen to my story.

In 2014, a Thai trading company bought our hotel smart lock and 45 safe boxes for a hotel called U. Among them, 45 safe boxes had 7 mechanical keys. The key can opens all safe boxes and nobody can open them once the key is lost. The person in charge of the order was called Jip. After receiving the money from the hotel, he did not do other services, and let the hotel contact us directly, including training and after-sale.

In January 2016, the hotel staff sent me an e-mail that read: The keys of our safe are lost, and I can only give you some pictures of the safe boxes. I could imagine what an awkward scene the hotel faced. With no mechanical key , if it did not replace the battery in time, the safe could not be opened and then the guest couldnt use.

After receiving the email, I tapped on my laptop and said, "Hey, brother, it's time for you!" I have always had the habit of saving customer data, including email records and photos of the goods before leaving the factory, even factory news. In my laptop, I quickly found the key pictures of the 45 safes. Then we started to produce the key and send them for the hotel.

When selling a Bonwin product, such as hotel door lock and guest room control system, I can’t help but consider possible problems during the process customer use. Products are like our children, and parents are always used to think more for their children.

Are those big brands really much better than small brands? Perhaps the difference is that big brands think more for the guests, and build the cornerstone of trust step by step. Sometimes one of our details will give the user a lot of convenience, on the contrary a it will give users some troubles. I believe that when the details are ready, we will be closer to our customers.

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