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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

Time flies, and more than 10 years has passed. During the years I worked at Bonwin, I have a lot of memorable experiences. I am a salesman - Xu Jianhua. 

In those memorable experiences, there's still something impressing me. At that time, a dealer in Liyang had a hotel project, and the company arranged for me to install the lock. At noon that day, I arrived at Liyang and knew that the construction was in the mountain. But, the dealer just drove me to the hotel and then left. Without a car, I began to think how to go back at night. But there was not any better ways, I started to install electronic locks for doors.

In the afternoon, I installed 30 locks. Because I was busy, I didn't even know the time. At that time, the workers on the construction site were ready to get off work, and I asked them where they lived at night. They said they lived in a nearby village and could go home by motorcycle when they finished their work. Watching them all go home to rest, I was quite envious. Then, I was left alone on the whole site. I had to call the dealer and ask him to pick me up. However, the other side was power off, which means that I had to find a place to sleep.

I hung out on the construction site for a while and found a worker's restaurant with about six or seven tables. I put several tables together and created a provisional "bed". Fortunately, as there was no need to cover the quilt in the summer, I could make it through the night. But after a ten-minute sleep, I regretted it. With the buzzing sound, a group of mosquitoes on the site were ready to "eat" out of me. I could only sit up and smoke. Additionally, I had to hit mosquitoes. I stayed up to the middle of the night with those mosquitoes, which quite depressed me. I was very looking forward to the arrival of dawn, so that I could go to install the hotel door lock and  after loading I could leave.

Suddenly, I remembered that my colleague Zhang Yong was on another site in Liyang, so I called him and let him come after dawn to support me. I was accompanied by a group of mosquitoes until five in the morning. Then I went to install the door lock and the work was finished around nine. I gave the mechanical key to the person in charge of the construction site and then was ready to leave. I quickly called Zhang Yong, but he had just arrived at the foot of the mountain. The mountain roads in Liyang bent treacherously, and the road ahead was not easy to see. I had no choice but to walk in the mountain road to find Zhang Yong. As soon as I heard Zhang Yong's response, I ran quickly straight to him. My feeling of helplessness didn't disappear until I saw him. 

Since then, I have never gone to the hotel. But whenever I think of that lonely, helpless and sleepless night, I will miss the hotel. It is not the bottom of life but the beginning of life.

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