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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

At a midnight in autumn of 2005, general manager-Wang fell asleep as usual. Suddenly the phone rang. Wang was awakened, and then answered the phone. A man's anxious voice came from the other side. 'Is it the general manager Wang?' the man said, 'I am sorry to disturb you. A theft incident occurred in our Chun Ting Floor Hotel at night. The guests have called the police, and now the police has been to the scene for the investigation. Because you are the electronic lock manufacturers for our hotel, you need come here to assist us. Can you arrange some technical staff to our hotel now?' Wang replied, 'Well, it’s too late to find a technical staff, but I will come to your hotel personally right now.' After hanging up the phone, Wang gave a glance at the time--it was twelve. Wang got up ready to rush to the hotel. The midnight in Changzhou has been slightly cool. Cool breeze curled up with the leaves and with the vehicle sped past, the leaves slowly fell.

About twenty minutes later, Wang rushed to the hotel. The hotel manager Liu and the police have been waiting in front of the lobby. Liu came forward to Wangand gave brief induction to the case -- a guest left the room to for dinner at about six o'clock; when he returned to the room about one hour later and found his IBM laptop was missing which means that the thief had entered the room, the guests called the police.

Police arrived, carefully investigated the scene and found the doors and windows were intact without prying. So how did the thief enter the room? So, the police thought about that asking the electronic door lock manufacturer to assist to investigate and check whether someone had entered the room.

After understanding what had happened, Manager Wang asked the reception clerk to make a record card in order to extract the lock record of the room and then read out the lock record on the management computer. The record shows that  a service card unlocked the room at 18:35, and it was the only unlock record during the time the guest left the room, .

After police watching unlock records, they immediately enquiry every room attendant alone. Half an hour later, a new hotel employee with only a month of practice for recognition truth of stealing. When she had entered the room to make bed, she found the laptop of the guest. She is truly envy, so she took away the computer and hid in her own wardrobe.

Thereafter, the whole case was closed. Guests were very pleased that they could found the computer in so little time. Seeing the guests pleased, Liu felt relieved. Of course, thanks to the police's capability of handling the case, the case could be closed successfully in just a few hours! As the case was successfully detected, Wang also said goodbye to them happily.

In this case, Bonwin Smart Lock provides a breakthrough clue to the case! Trusting their products will not only help customers to solve difficult problems, but also effectively protect the life and property safety of the guests! Considering these, all the hard work worth it!

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