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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!
One day in the first half of 2003, Wang Jianqing who was still in the employment got together with his three friends--Zhao Zhigang, Cao Zhonghua and Shi Zhihong to negotiate. He said,' Since now we can not see the future and hope in the work unit, why not start a business together. As we are still young of early 30 years old, maybe we can achieve our entrepreneurial dream. How do you think?'  Wang did not expect the proposal once approved by everyone. Then the four people began to do business together.

To start a business, the first big problem is fund. At that time they were wage earners who had little money on hand which was not enough to support a new company. So they had to try all means such as asking their relatives for help. Finally in everyone's concerted effort, they collected 1 million, which means their own business has taken a solid step forward. Then the four people went to the Trade and Industry Bureau registered a new company-Changzhou Bonwin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Two months later, in the beginning of August in 2003, Bonwin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd located in the business center of the national high-tech zone of Changzhou 15 building on the fourth floor, was officially opened for business. Since then, the four shareholders have been in the same boat and shared the same life of the company. They cannot route. At the beginning of the establishment, the company mainly were engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electronic locks. The four were respectively responsible for the four parts. 

In many cases, a new thing established was not optimistic. Bonwin Technology has been questioned and looked down on in the begining. That was a noon of summer in 2004. Wang and his friend were eating and chatting, the friend asked, 'How many shareholders does your company has?' 'Four', Wang replied. The friend said, 'So many shareholders! You hold it?' Wang shook his head and said, 'I do not control the company. I just own more shares.' The friend went on to say, 'Wang, IMHO, I am not optimistic about your company because you have too many shareholders. I have known many of shareholding companies like yours and their final outcomes are not positive.' Wang said,'I do not think so. On the contrary, I think the joint-stock company is a very good way to let everyone cooperate with each other and to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of shareholders. I also believe that our shareholders can cooperate well. You can wait and see!"

Facts have proved that the result is as Wang Jianqing said. Bonwin Technology has grown much more stronger after 13 years of ups and downs. Company has the number of staff increased from a dozen to hundreds, expanded from the original four shareholders to present a dozen of people, and expanded plant area from 200 square meters  to 4000 square meters. The company's products have developed from electronic door locks to electronic cabinet locks, hotel management software, room intelligent control system and hotel self-service terminals, forming a complete product line and being applied for nearly 40 patented technology and software copyrights. The sales market has been extended from the internal to the overseas. Bonwin brand has grown for the first-line brand from the a nameless one.

Four entrepreneurial shareholders of Bonwin Technology share the joys, sorrow and blame. They not only did not part, but also have an according working relationship, They seek common ground while reserving differences, and grow more trust and unity between each other.

If the four shareholders did not believe the stock cooperative system, perhaps there would't be a company called Bonwin.

If the four shareholders do not believe that the joint-stock system can be successful, certainly Bonwin won't havethe contributions it has today.
It's all rom the power of trust! Believe yourself to be a miracle!
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